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for Abe is Jealous

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3/12/2017 c1 nessaralston
This was great fanservice, I thank you very much.
2/28/2017 c1 57kurohimex105
nice story would love to find out what happens on their dates
8/14/2016 c1 1Chiaki Nanase
I love this Mihashi, being clear with himself and Abe-kun! But I think that he was a bit out of character. I mean, Mihashi it's shy and stutterer, but in this fic that it get lost. Maybe you was trying to create a Mihashi with more self-confidence, but with that, his original esence it got lost.
I'm trying to help, I hope and you don't take this comment in the wrong way. Bye-bye.
(And, yeah, I barely know english, so please don't make fun of me)

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