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7/24 c39 Maxypuz
I apologize for the lack of comments i have made on this fic. I dont think I can accurately articulate how well this story has been written. As always your characterization of the characters is spot on. Not to mention how much they grow as people. Its very noticeable but its not rushed. So many authors rush characterization, but you make it accurate. People arent perfect, so to expect that after one mistake, you have fixed a wrong is inaccurate. So many times Christine and Erik deliberately hurt each other, but eventually they learned how to use their love to heal.

I want to add that I love how Christine has a deformity of her own, that she can somewhat understand how Erik feels. I like that she has her own insecurities over her body and not in the traditional way (which are valid, but in poto we need abnormality, eh?)

This story was truly wonderful.
7/24 c18 Maxypuz
You go girl ! Im glad they sorted out their differences and set boundaries. They sure need them. Their relationship is heading in the right direction away from pain and towards love and respect.
7/24 c16 Maxypuz
I am nervous that we are not even halfway and they got together. Although i love their confession and i am glad Christine finally recognized her mistakes, Erik did too. I am scared to read on. This chapter seems like a perfect place to end, it has everything i could need, but alas the story is not over, and my heart and emotions are still held by your penmanship.
7/24 c14 Maxypuz
I havent commented on this story much, but i have enjoyed it tremendously. The plot is so interesting. I love a modern AU where Erik still has his dark past and bonus points if it is integral to the plot. I am commenting because i am pissed off at Christine. She has a right to her emotions, but at the same time she should be shocked Erik had to kill someone, nor should she needlessly hurt him. Hurt doesnt heal hurt- love does.
7/6 c39 27CharlieBoneFan
Awesome work!
3/8 c38 Teen545
Aww! Very cute and sweet ending! Thank you for this great, happy story! Sad it's over but, thankful for an epilogue!
2/27 c28 5VioletsDaisy
I absolutely love all of your stories! They make me so happy. I had a quick question, that it’s okay if you don’t answer- I’ll understand. You’ve explained how you imagine Erik- which I do agree! However, how do you imagine Christine? Is there anyone you see in your minds eye as you write her?

Thank you for writing this and all of your other incredible works!
10/24/2020 c1 1thedawncomes
Oooooo. I know what I'm not doing tonight! Sleeping. Cause I'm just gonna binge read this. Oh, I'm so excited
9/19/2020 c39 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
I cannot express how intensely this story pulled me in. I dont think I have read so unwavering in a 24 hour period!

the plot- so well thought out, so true to real life timing and events. i was enraptured and chomping at the bit for the next plot twist.

the expertise- written beautifully, relentless in detail and filled with compassion and love. consistently adding so much with an effortless narrative.

I feel like I have gained so much from this story. thank you for writing it and for sharing it with us. bravo, dear author! a triumph of a story.
9/19/2020 c35 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
Nadir! he is as calculating as a mother in law. ironic? yes. but I said what I said!
9/19/2020 c34 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
Im getting STRONG Outlander vibes and i am HERE FOR IT.
9/19/2020 c32 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
*screams at the sky*
9/19/2020 c31 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
9/19/2020 c29 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
My heart is just a burstin. As ever, incredible attention to detail and so so true to reality and true to characters. exquisite. Onward indeed!
9/18/2020 c22 JustaCuppaEarlGrey
I've never smoked a day in my life, but god I need a cigarette.
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