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for Someone to be there

6/17 c7 millerr123
Please please update this story because it is such a brilliant story and I couldn’t stop reading it.
5/7 c7 akoverson11
So who did Peter eventually decide to go with?
11/23/2020 c7 Guest
This was a really good story, can you please update?
9/25/2020 c7 Guest
How bout adding sabertooth into the story wolverine would have tuff time getting him to leave
9/24/2020 c7 Guest
Love your story. How bout a twist nobody gets peter because the symbiot got to peter first once he turn into venom he gets taken to Otto octavius who was also a friend of peter parents and want to help peter also Otto know he's spiderman, or The enemies of the people who went to adopt peter get to him first and the big reveal he has powers to the one that want to adopt him
9/14/2020 c7 Guest
Please, please continue I really want to read more, also this story is kind of funny I like it
9/6/2020 c7 Guest
Oooooo, but just WHO gets to adopt him?
6/25/2020 c7 Kitsune
I celebrate you. With that chapter it gets better and better. I also agree with the majority and tell Peter to go to Logan.

On the one hand, this is because I don't know Derdivil (I don't know how to write it) and Fantastic 4 is only minimal (I can therefore assess it poorly).
Norman is rather a bad idea, firstly because of what he is planning and because of the fact that Henry could end up in Peter's shadow.
Avangers is in second place with me because I like this idea but I already find some of these stories (in some cases Peter is even related to one of them - mostly Tony).
Logan, on the other hand, I've only found one story that was gender bend at the same time and unfortunately was canceled.
1/5/2020 c7 3Motherly Creeper
I really like the story . I can't wait for the next chapter. You give me some a few story ideas myself, and I can't help but see so many hilarious events that could happen in this story XD
8/14/2019 c7 Guest
Update dummy
6/25/2019 c4 1FrozenFlames12
6/25/2019 c2 FrozenFlames12
I vote for Logan to get him. I think it would be awesome. But, it kinda annoys me that everyone is just making plans for him when they haven't adopted him yet. Doesn't that stuff have to be approved? Can't it be denied?
6/11/2019 c7 drainednerves
Aw man. It's a shame, this seems to be dis-continued, this is some serious high-quality stuff!
Lots of love:)
5/30/2019 c7 8Rilme Caatl
I feel for you. I just found this story last night and I was thrilled to see that it was updated only a couple of days ago. Can’t wait for more!
5/24/2019 c7 24OfficialUSMWriter
AN UPDATE! Oh my gosh, I'm so happy! :D :D :D

This was so fun to read! From the bowling to Ava telling on Johnny and Harry, to Luke befriending him XD I loved this! And it's so good to see you back to it! I don't know if you plan to keep writing into USM, or plan on writing in it for the moment at least, but this was very enjoyable and thank you for sharing it with us! 3 3
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