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for Hell Hath No Fury

9/17 c24 9Chaotic Harlequin
Romantic in every way
9/17 c21 Chaotic Harlequin
this is truly an excellent story, and I love how Lenora was getting a little jealous of Rob. On to the next chapter
8/13 c57 1abovegost
Oh my word, please tell me that Robb is the one that kills the Freys?! Oh my gosh please let me so. That is one thing I had been wanting before the editing. :O
8/13 c37 abovegost
This may be a message I should have written in chapter one, but has the entire story been rewritten? It may also be my memory but there are things in this story that have happened that I do not remember happening when I first read this.

If it has been written, I was here reading this story before it was rewritten. And that version was amazing! This version is even better and outstanding! You have brilliantly executed the personalities of each character. I was reading Sandor’s point of view when Lenora was dragging the sword behind her wanting to give it to Joffrey to my husband and his exact words were “the author writes how G.R.R Martin would write” and I agree with him. The different points of view especially since they have purpose to the story was amazingly executed! If this story has been rewritten, i am looking very forward to seeing how Lenora deals with Ramsey, Little Finger, and the Frey’s. I will never forget those scenes. I also can’t wait to see how Lenora reacts to the Purple Wedding especially since now she wants Joffrey’s head. The name Black Lion fits Lenora so well.

A part of me wishes that Robert was still alive to see where Lenora is now and I feel like he would be so proud of how far she has come.
6/25 c4 lyssxo
Ugh I am so satisfied with the decision you took of having Cersei feel guilty for when she attempted to kill Lenora. She is known to love all of her kids so I’m glad to see that coming to light progressively.

I’m very curious to see if Jaime’s role in the war will be different since he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to be with Cersei in a romantic way anymore. Not sure that this will last though lol.

I loved the letter that she wrote to Robb and I can’t wait to see hopefully his appearance in the next chapter or at least a raven from him.
6/25 c3 lyssxo
She has everyone wrapped around her finger and it is so cute to witness. I LOVE her relationship with Jaime, it is adorable to see such a soft side of him. It’s also absolutely hilarious watching him run after her as she moves like the little tornado she is. I know that she’s gonna be the most powerful person in the Westeros, I just don’t see it any different. I mean come on, she is raised by Jaime and Tyrion? She’s gonna be so smart and a badass, you can already see it.

I don’t know what to think of Cersei as her mother yet. I feel like her anger about Lenora being sent to the North and marry into the Stark family is real but she’s not really concerned for her well being. I guess we will see if their relationship improves with time.

Another lovely chapter, you’re so talented!
6/25 c2 lyssxo
She has such a pretty name wow, that really suits with Baratheon as well. I wanna say that I’m surprised that Cersei would do such a thing as to poison her own daughter but I’m really not. I like that you’re switching point of views because it gives us the opportunity to understand her reasoning.

I have a feeling that Jaime is gonna be really close to his niece and I’m loving it? Jaime Lannister having a soft spot for you is a dream lol, and his nickname for her is so cute. I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
6/25 c1 lyssxo
I just read the prologue of sorts and I must say that I am very excited to get into this story. I’m loving the different perspectives that we are getting and have to say that you’re portraying the characters beautifully. Hopefully this will help me get over the awful choices that the writers have made in the last seasons of the show!

Most importantly I’m looking forward to seeing Robb gets a love interest as powerful as I’m guessing she will be. It’s gonna change everything and we need this.

Much love to you xx
6/16 c85 the-mini-muse
I'll start off by saying i usually hate hate hate OC characters but decided to give this a chance. I"m so glad I did since I really enjoyed it. There were times where I felt Lenora took too much from the other characters especially Sansa's scenes or I wish Robb showed more feelings about the death of Bran and Rickon in the later chapters.

There were some moments there where I thought there might be some sparks between Jon and Lenora but I am very glad that Robb lived.

Overall since I inhaled your beautiful monster of a story in like several days and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for investing so much time at crafting this story and sharing it with us.
6/11 c85 3StarkTeller
I think GoT ruined me and everyone else. My heart was broken and this story fixes it. Of course I'm a huge Jonerys tho I know you're not. This story fixes my Robb heart. I have found other stories that fix my Jonerys heart and make Dany the ACTUAL person she was supposed to be. Still so angry about it ALL regardless. Only Stark's I love now are Robb and Rickon only because they're dead and weren't around long enough to ruin things. Yeah, I'm bitter. Bran as King?! PFT! TF was the point of Jon being a Targaryen?! Nothing except to push a dumbass narrative. I mean they hired a cameraman to become one of the writers of the show. Zero experience. He pushed his narrative. They should've read fanfic and gotten better writers. Lol.
5/24 c85 guest
I read this entire story in one sitting, it's absolutely bloody amazing! You write so well, your characters are so captivating, and I am excited to see how you end this story. Thank you for your hard work, and I await your next update eagerly :)
5/2 c4 Guest
hi i realy love this chapter and you .
5/1 c85 Moon
Hello author, are you okay, you are not posting chapter anymore something happened? I hope not. you write very well, i love your stories
3/26 c47 Lampre8
How can be Loras the heir of Highgarden if in chapter 40 Garlan was mentioned? Apart of Willas.
3/11 c8 Rosewood
I am very much addicted to this story and I’m only a few chapters in! Keep the great work, you do an amazing job writing all the characters! 3
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