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4/19 c5 WearyCurmudgeon
- Reasons
All quite plausible and it denies Salem a Bishop in Cinder as well.

Team formation and team interaction would be VERY interesting in this one.

If Cinder were to take Weiss' spot in RWBY, then there'd be constant butting heads between her and Yang.

She'd not give a damn about Blake's past or race and might even get along with her.

Ruby is the question mark on how she'd be treated.

The interaction between Jaune, Ren and Pyrrha likewise, considering how the Clan is probably viewed in Mistral. Further made entertaining because of Jaune's non care for her celebrity status and her physical attraction to him. (Bad boy version of Jaune really.)

Nora? The guy uses hammers. Fearless leader is a-okay in her book. He's her hammer buddy and they break ALL the legs/knees. (Probably another brother/sister relationship)

- Austin
Canon Jaune's initial behaviour pattern was almost 1 to 1 with that of Xander Harris from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Xander came from an emotionally, verbally and physically abusive households where substance abuse was an issue.

Now while we didn't see any hints that Jaune endured physical abuse, there's enough hints that do seem to point towards emotional and possibly verbal.

You don't end up a neurotic wreck like he was in a happy home life. There has to be some trauma point from which it originates.

Also explains why Saphron moved all the way to northern Mistral/Argus, when their family is Valean (probably the east coast or one of the islands, like Patch is on its western coast).

Anyway, Jaune's comments to Pyrrha that she was the first person to believe in him is a major red flag.

As what he was told prior leaving to Beacon. "You'll be welcome here again once you've failed to enter." Or words to that effect.

Rather than the neutral: "Remember son, pass or fail, this will always be your home and you're always welcome here."

So yeah, even canon Jaune didn't exactly have the idyllic home life people think he had. But like a battered spouse there's heavy denial of the problem and the blame is aimed at themselves for being a "failure". (His denseness might be a side effect of this, as long as he denies things than they can't possible be true or have to be dealt with.)

Which again seems to fit with his behaviour.


It's likely that THIS Jaune had to deal with physical abuse as well, like Cinder did. So in comes Raven as a dark Angel of Deliverance to both of them.

Hence how they behave here.

Again, seems to fit the pattern displayed thus far

Oh and you're right about Ruby's previous friendships. Although, considering how socially awkward she is and how popular Yang is. Most likely they were friendly acquaintances at best.

4/6 c5 1Ace of Hate
Kind of want to see what you do with this idea.
4/4 c5 2EJHowell
Interesting idea and if those dates are true with the timing of their births, Ruby is either an accident, Tai got Iver Raven super fast or he was cheating.
4/4 c4 1v2
got to say this first chapter oneshots are pretty good and i love this chapter a personal favor i would love to see this be turned into a full fic

i can't wait to see what other ideas ya got for this fic
4/3 c5 Wishfull-star
Oh I really like the looks of this one and I hope that you continue it one day stay safe:)
4/3 c5 Austin
Interesting scenario though what was Jaune's less than ideal situation before Raven found him...
And what's going to be done about Taiyang in terms of the disturbing stuff going on...
Hell I can see Qrow almost fighting a custody battle against Taiyang over Yang and ruby.

Also I'm curious of something...Since Roosterteeth is known for not say putting more thought or detail on certain stuff such as having James ironwood semblance mettle be explained in the show, or Jaune arc's family...or Cinder's backstory which that one was took us 8 volumes to reach...and she is still the same power hungry bitch that is all about taking what is rightfully hers...aka the maiden powers even though they are really Ozma's magic power as if he can give his magic away to four young women then he can also take said magic back...its common sense.

But another thing I'm curious of is Ruby's friends in signal as in her own age group of friends that she wrote a letter to as every beacon students were all sleeping in the ballroom night before exam.
So I'm curious if There is going to be any mention or any scenes that shows of Ruby's friends who will be oc obviously...I can see it going to two ways in terms of Ruby's friends reacting to the news of Ruby getting accepted to Beacon...early two years early.
One they will be proud and congratulate ruby for this achievement...while other there will be questioning as let's all agree that Ruby being accepted into Beacon two years in advance must have been difficult as she has to catch up on two years of education with her peers at beacon.
Another thing is that those friends at signal one or a couple of them will feel a bit bitter resentment towards Ruby if there has been no mail at all since they replied back. Especially if she is out saving the world but...she doesn't know what can be going on with the lives of her signal friends...such as one of them tragically losing their family member or dog...or if one of them tragically got in a accident then passed away due to injuries being fatal and ruby has not shown up at all due to again being on her adventures and not knowing...then there maybe problems.
Again that's all I can think of for the moment.

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
Happy holidays whether Easter or other holidays coming up.
4/3 c5 Rebmul
i would love to see this poor ruby her mother was a cheating whore in this one
4/3 c5 38Solaire38
I would love to see where you might take this as a story, keep up the good work!
4/3 c5 4597boss
I would love to read this!
3/28 c4 AsashiOfSapphire
That's a boring semblance. -_-
3/27 c4 3doubledamn
Hey SilverBoar, mind if I get your opinion or something?

I'm working on a non-traditional gamer fic, haven't nailed down the setting yet, it's mostly concept at this point, but I want to take inspiration from the Throne of Heroes System in Fate/Stay Night. Rather than the usual 'level up' stuff, they'd develop skills as they grow until it manifests as a "Skill", getting enough battle experience would eventually manifest as a 'Mind's Eye (True)' thing, getting know for a signature move would turn into a Noble Phantasm at some point, basically applying the concept of 'Legend' onto living people.

3/25 c4 Rebmul
love to see him paired with winter in this there are so few good ones
3/25 c2 Rebmul
hopefully his mother pulls her head out of her ass
3/24 c4 WearyCurmudgeon
- Training
Actually, a properly trained Jaune would've been on Pyrrha's level based on his growth rate.

Beacon also has a lot of "unnecessary" fluff, that takes away training time. Because if the Fall hadn't happened, he'd have been on par with the others, but still lagging behind Pyrrha.

Having said that, THIS Jaune is also VERY busy with the medical aspect, which takes away from the pure combat side. So him starting out on par with the rest seems quite plausible.

- Pairing
Why do I have this feeling that this would go the "White Knight" route?

3/23 c2 alphabacon34
I'm super excited for this one in particular. Also I love team JNPR so I'll always be in favor of keeping them together.
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