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6/28/2017 c1 isla
'all content belongs to original owner' does not make it magically ok to repost someone else's fanfiction. you continuously do this and it is not right. you should remove this, along with any other works you've stolen. i will be encouraging the original author to report you, as well as doing so myself.
1/21/2017 c3 1Titiphaia
Très bonne histoire vraiment ! J'ai bien accroché ! Dommage que vous n'ayez plus d'idée je pourrait peut être vous aider :)
Pourquoi ne pas faire devenir rin un peu plus sombre, il pourrait tuer une personne inconnue et sombrer petit à petit. Satan n'à pas réussit à le faire tuer une première fois pourquoi ne pas essayer et le faire réussir à tuer ?
Continuez cette histoire est vraiment bien !
9/24/2016 c6 Cather Elric
This is a really good story, I like the argument so please don't leave it! I can wait the time you need but please don't leave it! I can't wait for the next update.
8/30/2016 c6 5acrisafu
Hey this is a great story! Can't wait for the next update! I have a suggestion, or more like a favor.
Please don't make this like the anime where Yukio gets possessed instead. That was just...aweful. I don't like the idea of him having Satan's Flames (other than demonic eyes).
Anyway, just my little opinion!
8/13/2016 c6 ScarletSaphire
Here's a math problem. Writer's block school work sucky times. However, I understand completely. Keep trying to fight past it.
8/14/2016 c6 1Nagikae
Damn, does everyone in 8th grade write that well?
I really like the story! How 'bout adding some lil' Shiemi x Rin shipping :D?
7/12/2016 c5 8Attackoneverything
Rin could attack someone in rage. Or somthing along those lines XD
Can't wait for an update XD
7/9/2016 c4 34ForgivenL
You should make Mirai a little important to the story. She seems like a pretty fun character to play with. Maybe get her and shima involved in something and drag Rin into it? Or have the oldest Son of Satan have Shima bring Rin in instead of Izumo? Perhaps while Rin is comatose due to Satan's influence? Just some ideas.
7/8/2016 c5 1Dazzling Roses
Could you try and make it to where Satan takes over rin , but Rin is still conscious of everything and able to fight back and send a message or something like that with Satan not realizing he's doing it? Or something like that. And if you do do that maybe at the end no body helped Rin overcome Satan's possession he did it himself and he's like the badass who didn't let Satan kill anyone while being possesed or something. I'm totally for any other idea from anyone else because I just like the idea of this story you came up with. So yeah, sry if I misspelled anything but seriously, pls keep the story going.
6/23/2016 c4 6ShadeAllure
Hmm... Rin heard Satan once from what we know and he is freaking out this badly. Makes me wonder, what if Satan tried to have a conversation with him? Doesn't he want Rin to respond to him? What if Satan threatened Rin like if he told people what's happening that he'll kill them or whatever? Keep up the good work. I hope the writer's block goes away soon.
6/21/2016 c3 1Dazzling Roses
Please add more on to this fanfic! That is my request!
6/21/2016 c3 6ShadeAllure
I love this story. I can't wait to see it's headed. I wonder how th OC is going to play into the story however it would be more interesting how it will play out without any OCs.
6/21/2016 c3 4YesaniChan
I'm excited for this. Keep going!
6/21/2016 c1 8Revlis Charm
Okay, you got it! ;) But just so you know, as mentioned in the description, most of the work belongs to the original owner. I'm just using my writing skills to fix grammatical errors, add more detail, more depth, etc.
6/13/2016 c1 1ChoccyMilk
O dang
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