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8/9/2016 c1 19AquaScor
I liked it
6/13/2016 c1 871-1 Marines
Nice action scene, though "her majesty" should be capitalized. Why was I unsurprised at the Freedom Fighters becoming Fantastic Racists? And I correctly guessed Korra was the woman, though it wasn't hard to figure out.
At least Wu was grateful for Mako's protection, just like in the show. Kuvira may have been a military dictator, but Hou-Ting was far worse and it's blatantly clear that Wu was a satire on inept autocrats who get propped up by Western nations. Hell, the formation of the Earth Empire is similar to Iran throwing out the Shah (though Kuvira doesn't spew crap like Iran does about Israel and America).
"They were as large as he remembered-." Oh Mako, you pervert. Then again, I've written several lemons, so the pot just called the kettle black in this case.
Nice lemon overall, so Korra wasn't wearing panties (you did mention a bra but only pants are mentioned for her lower half)? Especially since this was your first rodeo.
Good to see that you adopted the intelligent solution to the Earth Empire. Seriously, I don't care how many troops Kuvira brought to Republic City, there'd still be too many back in the Empire for the Fire Nation and URN to fight without massive loss of life. One idea I had was that Wu would turn the EK into a constitutional monarchy and have Kuvira as the Prime Minister.
It figures that there would be multiple cannons since platinum seems relatively common and Kuvira would be the redundant type. Also, while somewhat impractical, the train mounted guns are more understandable since she has plenty of metalbenders (probably explains the maglev network as well).
Considering Korra's personality, her not caring if her kids are born bastards is understandable. It's not as if anyone would be dumb enough to talk shit about her kids (not anyone who wants to avoid a beatdown, that is).
Overall nice surprise, I trust your mother didn't edit this one?

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