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for Wear Me Like A Locket Around Your Throat

11/19 c10 Fion
Definitely obscure enough. I freaked out earlier though in the chapter when Harry mentioned that he had taken to wearing the necklace though, I thought it had possessed him or something. But I was mostly worried that you were going to pull a doozy on me and have a orion be the murderer
10/28 c28 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
9/16 c1 menu tessu
this is familiar, I saw this somewhere
9/15 c1 IceShadow-HP
is this abandoned?
8/25 c28 Lillylarlar
Please update this!
7/8 c1 jadrana.sloniecka
I love this story! Waiting for an update! The characters are so perfect <3
6/30 c28 Guest
I love this story so far! I hope you upload again soon!
6/21 c28 beyondreasoning62
I'm so happy I found this amazing piece of writing~ I hope it continues.
6/19 c2 Fick Chick
London during the blitz. I'm sure their won't be any problems with that excursion.
6/18 c11 2SlytherpuffGryffinclaw
Cassius is a Tomarry shipper
6/17 c28 Eragon135790
i hope there will be further chapters cause this is a great ff and i hope that in the future harry tells tom that he is from the future and not an alternate universe(though he could potetically be from one cause the univere split upon the travellling back in time of harry)
5/29 c28 2syzygyy
This is brilliant; I stayed up till 4am reading it, and you have so much talent— I’ve enjoyed all of this fic so far and hope that it will be updated at some point. Thank you for writing this, I’ve loved it.
5/18 c28 Bb34
5/17 c28 EightDeservedBetter
I love this fic. It's amazing.
4/23 c28 8DuShuZhi
This story is amazing. I hope you'll continue it some day.
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