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5/8/2017 c4 maclooping
A good news story!
Surprisingly, this one does not touch me as much I thought.
It's not writing, because it's always very good (and you know how much I love your work) but I do not know something... wrong... maybe It's because I really hate the character of AJ, the suffering he made for Templeton and his half-sister (and their mothers, of course) is inexcusable and I can't imagine he protected Face in any way... It's funny because I can totally accept this same attitude for his mother but not for his father! I think I am just weird, hahaha

The photo of Temp 'has always been a question for me, and of course, your story is a really good answer! one more time I can comfort you!I am not disappointed by your story, I really like the two first chapter and all the questions of Face with these similarities with AJ and the reaction of Murdoch to reassure him! nature vs nurture are a good debate for this situation and a hard question to answer! but personally I definitely prefer "Moments in Time".
2/16/2017 c4 4Sonny Quinn
I agree, I am certainly no fan of A. J. Bancroft , but this story definitely touches your heart! Very well written.
6/18/2016 c4 K Borowiak
This is an interesting take on A J Bancroft. His motives in the episode were always so murky. I cared enough about Face to keep a picture and to bring him into the last scheme but never told him who he was. He cared but didn't care enough. Good perspective.
6/14/2016 c4 23LittleMonkeyDog
Loved every part of this story once again. That's a nice idea! At least his father paid for his tuition despite abandonning the poor kid. Glad you're no fan of the man either. Your story did indeed offer plausible theories about Bancroft's (small) role in his son's life. Great story as usual !
6/14/2016 c3 LittleMonkeyDog
He did seem to like the orphanage in the series whenever he did talk about it. I was thrilled to read that you made him such an excellent student and athlete and a fine young man (off course). Great explanation on how AJ could have gotten a picture of young Face. I wondered about that one too. So he used some of the money from his crimes to actually somehow help his son. Interesting!
6/14/2016 c2 LittleMonkeyDog
I always wondered what kind of a mother she would be since Face ended up at the orphanage ... I can understand that it must be really hard financially that is for a single mum to raise a child perhaps without extra financial back-up. But I did think something else must have been wrong with her too and you kind of gave an answer to that.
Poor little Facey. He doesn't know his name and he doesn't recognize his father. (I never did like Bancroft) I guess it was a good idea to take him away from his mum and bring him to Father Maghill.
6/14/2016 c1 LittleMonkeyDog
This was a great start of the story: Face and Murdock together at the bar where it all started. I've had quite some questions after I saw this episode. You already solved one in this chapter. You let Face spill everything to the team and especially to Hannibal who kind of was a father figure to him in a way. And he forgave Murdock (but I was sure he would do that being best friends).
Loved the talk about the Nature versus Nurture debat between the two of them. Poor Face! He will never be a criminal like A.J. was. Murdock said exactly what needed to be said.
So Ellen didn't want anything to do with him? I feared that. Why does the poor guy always gets abandonned? He so doesn't deserve that! Thank God the team is there for him.
6/14/2016 c4 24MissEclipse
Well AJ was certainly no angel, but I like how you portrayed him in this. Nice slant.

But now I am wondering what happened to Samantha? You know you're gonna have to write a story about that now!
6/14/2016 c3 MissEclipse
Aww, so sweet that AJ is still concerned about his son. And now we know how he got the picture. Nice explanation.
6/14/2016 c2 MissEclipse
Oh my! What a wonder twist! So AJ was the one who took little Richard to the orphanage. And what a heart-wrenching look into his relationship with his mother. Loving it so far.
6/14/2016 c1 MissEclipse
Nice Murdock/Face interaction here. I liked your thoughts on the Nature v Nurture debate. Nicely summed up by Murdock.
6/13/2016 c4 9Murdock Calavicci
Nice story! I was always curious as to how AJ had the picture of Face.

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