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4/30 c69 32Mistress 0f Dragons
Oh wow nice. I liked this chapter. Works fast huh? 10 bucks that means that Yona is pregnant.
4/24 c62 Mistress 0f Dragons
Well crap. Who would have thought that the Shield would be Su-won?
4/14 c100 9articuno13
"he said as he climbed into a horse" -snorts well I hope not XD imagines Jae-ha crawling inside a horse by way of anus. XD
4/14 c99 articuno13
Huh I was right and wrong at the same time. At the first mention of sword and shield i said Su-won and Hak. I just figured on Hak being the shield as he's constantly shielding and protecting her from danger.

Also the past 10-15 chapters there's been an increase in errors. Spell errors in names (who's lord Geun Ha? Tae-ha?) As well as wrong words in places (resonate instead of receive for one) as well as 2 occasions of a wrong name (who is frick?! You were writing about a Hak fight scene XD)

But other than those minor annoyances i'm loving it.
4/10 c108 Leefa
Oh wow! This was a great story. I like the Yona and Hak pairing better but this story line is awesome.
3/31 c55 32Mistress 0f Dragons
Ugh... kye-Sook needs to die already
3/31 c53 Mistress 0f Dragons
Hood riddance to the Ryokuryuu village. They deserved what they got.
3/31 c51 Mistress 0f Dragons
Gotta love Granny. It's hard to say no to the elderly. Trust me on this since I work with them as a job
3/31 c49 Mistress 0f Dragons
I have yet to read the uncensored version but hot damn that got my lady bits to say hello. Lol jk.
3/30 c47 Mistress 0f Dragons
Well that certainly was a twist. I wasn't expecting Su-Won to step down from the throne.
3/30 c46 Mistress 0f Dragons
Jeez Hak way to be a cock block. Lol
3/30 c45 Mistress 0f Dragons
I knew it! Kye-Sook is a evil s.o.b.
3/30 c44 Mistress 0f Dragons
Well who would have thought of Lili and Tae-woon liking each other? Good for Yona.
3/30 c43 Mistress 0f Dragons
I disliked Kye-Sook in the manga/anime. But in your story I want to place his head on a pike.
3/30 c42 Mistress 0f Dragons
Wow... holy crap. I wasn't expecting that to almost to happen to Yun. Poor genius boy.
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