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1/15 c83 ConstellationReader
Awesome work. It was a great chapter. Keep up the good work
12/19/2020 c81 HOLAA913
Your story is excellent, though I must admit the structure is throwing me off. You have giant chunks of words, labeled as paragraphs. I feel like breaking them up into 3 separate parts would increase readability. I read your story on my laptop, and the words are so small already, seeing them clumped together makes it so hard to read.
12/4/2020 c80 13creativesm75
12/4/2020 c54 creativesm75
those poor kids... Good ACE.
10/24/2020 c79 Guest
This is my favorite fanfic EVER. I love the characterization and literally everything about it. You do such an amazing job writing this and I refresh for updates almost every day. I was so excited to see the new update and can’t wait for the next. Thank you so much for this amazing story 3
9/5/2020 c77 ConstellationReader
Great work so far. Keep it up :)
9/1/2020 c76 kagura98
Amazing job 3
9/1/2020 c76 Guest
This is amazing 3 I want to see an angry Ace! But, I can't imagine why he would be angry about. Maybe if someone hurts Marco on a fight with other pirate crew? And he lose the composure and kill everyone?... Well, I really love this fanfic, thanks for this... This makes my days better 3 (sorry if I wrote something wrong, english is not my native language)
5/24/2020 c55 Guest
I’m not gonna lie; I started laughing when I read the Spanish translations. It was so sudden and came out of no where. It also doesn’t help that I’m bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. But I’m glad there’s a different language introduced for Fishmen which makes sense.
5/17/2020 c74 maxmagic369
Such a good chapter thanks:)
5/16/2020 c74 Guest
Awesome, love it. The way you introduce Christmas was great.
Keep up the amazing work
4/20/2020 c70 ConstellationReader
Really good story, can’t wait for you to update.
Would you by chance be willing to do a one shot about Izou going to Ann’s closet?
Update again when you can, amazing work
4/15/2020 c73 Guest
I’ve just finished getting caught up it this story and I think it’s really well written. I was wondering if you could do a more in-depth one shot on how things went with San when Ace and Marco went back to the island.
Keep up the good work
3/27/2020 c72 Starflower525
Thanks for another chapter so fast, I really appreciate it. I love this series of yours in particular. It always has me on the edge of my seat. I've actually read all of your other stories, and this story is still probably my favorite. It's what got me into reading your other works. Again, just wanted to say thanks once again for giving me such amazing writing to read. Great Work! Hope you stay safe and healthy during this crazy time, hope to read more from you soon. :D
2/9/2020 c70 Guest
This Story is beautiful! I'm German, so I have some issues to resist some times, but I really enjoyed it and still love it! I think in an week I will return an start to read it again.. But I'd like to ask a question.. Is there a chance, this story will be updated again, with a new beautiful chapter? I basically don't know if this even an thing like a comment, so I don't really think about an answer, but I hope this story will go on some times. Have a nice day, I think.
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