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3/7 c103 EminentCastle
I love this story ️️️️
2/21 c4 Aedwards179
what happened to theI can't tell when people are talking anymore. its annoying.
2/21 c3 Aedwards179
20mil doesn't seem like a lot for Whitebeard pirates imo. Arlond in the east blue was worth a 20mil bounty. if this dude makes Whitebeard who has a 5bil bounty tense then 20mil is very very little.
1/3 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

1/1 c3 magitechxinc
This is pretty cool.
1/1 c2 magitechxinc
I'm intrigued.
8/13/2021 c97 ConstellationReader
Was a good chapter. Was a little confused at what the story was trying to get at first but got it as I read on.
Keep up the great work
7/22/2021 c75 3crazykittylover
So the part about law and luffy i felt was a little... Anticlimactic? There was such a build up woth i believe and it feels like it fell short a little from living up to that potential. I wasn't really happy with how it went down. It was funny to read the shotgun bit it reminded me of family guy with peter and meg. I feel like it could've been more dramatic and theatric but i liked that law got so spooked by what stan did. The fact trevor knows feels like fun to come. I hope that will get juicy and spicy to read. I do find great amusement that Trevor would be willing to jeopardize law's life for his own joking pleasure. Truly hilarious to see law understand his value is in the hands of luffy and how he likes law. I would love to see him do something stupid lile leave a hickey on Luffy or luffy maybe having a slight limp from them doing it a little too rough or even ace catching them doing it without protection. All very funny and amusing possibilities...

The rest of the chapter was ok. The prank part and the team part felt like a bit much and little eh. Ace being understanding of what is an appropriate prank seems likely. I guess i wasn't really happy with the delivery of the scene. The team stuff seems mute but i read on to see if its cool and dope like other stuff you've mixed in before.

I did lile the night terror. Glad to see ace more willing to share and let people in. It was wholesome and nice. The ann work was nice and cute. I liked how the woman didn't take a hint and that marco is the new shanks lolz. I was hoping for drama on ace staying as ann on his birthday to avoid the limelight. But it was a cute fluff scene so that was good to read. Overall it was ok chapter to read. Keep up the good work.
7/10/2021 c74 crazykittylover
I feel lile the chapter wasn't as great as some. It feels a little rushed and not in depth as others have been. The problems didn't seem very problematic and didn't really give the reader any time to feel drawn in and invested in the situation. The christmas thing was an interesting plot point but i think it could've been developed more. Maybe explain why he doesn't like it more. Add some mystery elements to it. Who said the no no word. I feel that was underplayed. I think that one could had its own scene or a bigger aftermath. You played the whole thing (no no words) as a big thing. The first example we got was a good reaction. That lead to some more investment as a reader to wanting to see more of that and see more of how ace overcomes that obstacle. It seemed like an after note to the given challenge. I feel the challenge of Christmas could been more flashy and played around with more.

Ace blaming himself for outlook was a nice plot problem but it seemed really out of the blue and not as thought out. I think it could've come up after more information on how sabo is adjusting to life after the initial trauma. Ace was shown to be worrying about sabos welling yes but he didn't really show any reason to blame himself on it yet. I really would still like to know how on earth outlook found the boys and kidnapped both of them. It just seems hard to see That man being capable of taking down ray... I feel it need more drama maybe and some more build up. It felt like a firework. Quick and eye catching but solved too quickly for there to have been any intrigue to the situation. I think the notion was interesting and could make a good plot crisis with time but it felt not fully fleshed out to have been as good as it could have been. I didn't mention it earlier in that chapter with the branding occurring but it seemed a little cheesy in what outlook had said. The whole kidnapping also i think could've had more mystery and make the states feel higher or more intense.

You are doing good overall. Keep working hard and stay inspired friend.
7/10/2021 c73 crazykittylover
I was hoping to see what luffy and law would do for the day but the sabo and thatch bonding was nice to read. That was a nice little connection for them to have. I love ace being a little mother hen. So cute! Can't wait to see more of ace's training!
7/9/2021 c72 crazykittylover
Now when i said i wanted more law and luffy and that i am real lover of drama... I don't i had that in mind. Poor luffy. Glad outlook is gone sorry for sabo being in bad shape. Im very curious how outlook got those boys... Also i love that law was low key stalking luffy. Awhhh that was cute. I can't to see what will happen next!
7/9/2021 c71 crazykittylover
Sweet jesus i am hog in heaven. We getting some brothers time! Yae! This was a nice fluffy chapter. I liked the little bonding moments and what not. Good job!
7/9/2021 c70 crazykittylover
Awh haruta and mika having a bonding moment that was so sweet and nice. I like ann a lot shes so fun and i love she has a house that is a closest. Curious if you'll make a thing with ace trying to escape through ann. That would interesting to watch. Could be a slippery slope to get suckered down i feel with how ace has been. Can't wait to see what happens next.

I feel the code scene was little too rude towards whitebeard. I know they mean well but i felt like the assassins went a little far on the ribbing on the pirates not being good with codes. Besides from that, nicely done chapter.
7/9/2021 c69 crazykittylover
I would agree a little of that felt a lottle rushed. The bee part felt a little rushed and forced. I like the cracked skull part. I guess with all the sleep ace has been getting he's extra fast which is nice.

Oooooh so thats what happens when someone says pretty boy... I still would love to see what happens id thatch says it. What can i say i live for the drama.

I like the head canon on Bay's mentor. That was really cool and interesting to read. I like the chapter's flow for the moat part. It was grouped and spaced well enough for it to be fun and interesting to read. Very excited to see what ace's training is going to look like and please for the love of god make marco look like he's dating two people. I would love to see that drama unfold for sure. I think it will totes be bees knees! Keep up the good work!
7/8/2021 c68 crazykittylover
A quick question. I was listening to some panic at the disco and i happen to hear a song called miss jackson. Did you get inspiration for aces female alter ego from that song? *devilish grin* i know not the whole song is applicable to ace's miss jackson but there is a good solid part that really rings true to how ace conducts himself when he is miss jackson...

Moving on from that, i really hope you write a lemon on the sensory stimulation you wrote about that ace did to marco. I think that would be a nice spicy thing to read for sure or have ace teach marco and he does it to ace. Gosh golly that would be awesome!

I like the training idea! I wonder what that training will be. That really sounds cool and i can't wait to see what kind of OP crap ace will be able to afterwards. He isn't god like enough, time to make him mega god level! Thanks for the chapter and keep up the inspiration! You are doing fabulous!
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