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for Castle season 9 episode 1: Aftermath

6/15/2016 c1 MontanaKate66
6/15/2016 c1 stefi
interesting way to develop the aftermath
update soon
6/15/2016 c1 castle1701
Oh this could be intriguing. I hadn't thought of Caleb/Mason connection! And the reappearance of Rita, too.
6/14/2016 c1 2coyotepup4
Pretty awesome start.

So, does Castle have a sister or a step-sister?
6/14/2016 c1 kwarner
Very interesting, I am intrigued. Please continue.
6/14/2016 c1 Guest
I like it! But I'm a little confused cause one reviewer wrote nice twist on Caleb being Masons son...didn't we already know that at the series finale? So it's not technically a twist?
6/14/2016 c1 Jameson Black
Very nice. I like Jo.
6/14/2016 c1 LadyAilith
Very good beginning! And a couple of neat twists - Jo and Rita know each other, and the possibility that "Caleb Brown" is Mason Wood's son! Nicely played!

I'm *so* looking forward to more of this story! :-)
6/14/2016 c1 31Beledi1113
There are a few minor grammatical errors, but otherwise a good start.
6/14/2016 c1 Guest
Interesting start

Looking forward to more

Thank you
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