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for Leah's Ascension

3/6 c1 Guest
I love this book everyone ways write Emily as some sweet kind person who could do no wrong. Love the spin you put on her even Bella lets face it apart of her only wanted Edward for her to be beautiful I never bought the act of her loving him even him because he can't read her mind he want her as well. In my book Edward and Leah was perfect for one another they are the definition of forbidden love.
8/9/2021 c11 cassiejones07
I just found the story and I find it really interesting I hope you come back and finish. I also hope that Edward and Leah have kids
3/29/2020 c1 Copper-Possession-23
My God, Emily and Bella are stalkers. I mean what type of person stabs your COUSIN who was pratically a second sister to you in the back by stealing her BOYFRIEND and then twisting everyone Leah ever loved or cared for so that Emily was the victim, then trying to turn Kim into a MINI EMILY and on top of that she tries to steal CLAIRE HER THREE YEAR OLD NIECE and in the process she ruins her sister and sister's husbands career. And then Bella thinks she so smart by trying to take advantage of Alice to get close to Edward just so she can have IMMORTALITY, Jasper's right Bella is well on her way to being a sociapath. I mean WHAT THE FUCK is WRONG with these people.

Thank you for writing this and please update, I'm on the edge of my seat (or whatever I'm sitting on) for what happens next. Please update and thank you for writing this story. See Ya.
1/11/2020 c1 4Loveforwolves143
Uhhh I just love Leah. I am happy she is sticking up for herself. One thing that I dont get with Sue is that "she wants them to be a family again and for Leah to forgive them" but yet she fucking asks her to come to Emily's wedding because if she doesnt her family wont go? You really think that is a bright idea? Because yes, that is totally taking your daughter's side right Sue?

She just puts her foot in her mouth all the time and then says the opposite thing later. Is it really hard to tell that that was a fucked up and stupid thing to ask?
4/21/2019 c11 11ploiuiu
OMG Emily I love your delusion, I just shuddered, poor Pamela, now the investigation is over can he go in the First Dept? Wow, Pamela is very generous with Quil, it's like pedophilia that Emily wished to push.
So Rachel imprinted on Paul in the last eight months, wow, how did she react to the entire debacle namely call Emily.
Kim is still in contact with Jared and the Pack, wow, I don't know how to feel or they both went back to their dreams and out of the Reservation, how sick is Emily is!
IF they accuse the parents of abuse, they wouldn't be able to have more children. I wonder what kind of conversation, they had between Pamela and her husband. It's a good thing Pamela is level headed compared to Quil who's a teen (depending what age you gave him in this fanfic otherwise)
I wonder the flash-back between Emily, her mom and her father and what will say Pamela after this ruining life.
I'm surprised the husband didn't come to enrage well then again, Emily would have probably placed a complaint about him being crazy, the husband.
What a B! Emily, I'm very vindictive! The next thing you know she will ruin someone else, Rachel and Paul?
I wonder how the Makah "tribe" is reacting to this, they must be disgusted
OMG Emily believe she has influence in the Quileute land, people must be only listening to her to gossip after on her. Poor Sam, it's so sad.
Good for her, Emily doesn't deserve to have a child, she complained when the incident happens in her house. WOW, just wow how thick and poisonous and delusional, she is.
I personally love the character shade you gave on Emily it's purely beautiful!
Wonder what Seth is thinking listening to all of this, as the entire pack was there? mmm
I wonder when Leah is gonna visit Pamela and her family and her aunt, her uncle and learned how weird is that all. Maybe, they can destroy to bond and loosen up so Claire could have a choice?
Poor Sam, how disturbing, he has to be near her and he had to marry her like he's losing control.
We saw Rachel, Claire, Emily as an imprint and the chance of Renesmee appearing are slim does it mean, Bella will put her claws in Jacob?
I can't but only worry on how hard it is on Harry maybe a call discreet to encourage him to be on diet ? would help him as a child if you have good grades or behave well, you get a visitor get to go somewhere or enjoy an hour of video games or computer time?
4/21/2019 c10 ploiuiu
OMG this is so weird and disturbing so Quil and Embry can see through her act but not Emily's that being said they didn't see it openly or mentioned it!
Jacob doesn't fall in that trap, please I'm begging you! When is Emily coming back? I wonder more and more so is it an Edward X Leah fanfic or is the mate would be portrayed differently and she gets to choose who she loved at some point (Leah)? Anyway, so many questions! Hope to see soon an update!
4/21/2019 c9 ploiuiu
OMG what ! This so what! Edward was stalking her or what because of Leah?
4/21/2019 c6 ploiuiu
Wow, they married, wow, this is ugggg, despicable woman!
4/21/2019 c4 ploiuiu
Lol an Emily vampire counterpart, it is very disturbing lol but hilarious, yes Jasper, you go boy!
4/21/2019 c3 ploiuiu
MMM this is weird, the Cullen but I like how is Bella portrays, she deserved it and no wonder she would try to get her claws on Jacob, next thing you know she had allied herself with Emily. They have a similar personality.
4/21/2019 c2 ploiuiu
So, Emily, it's not because someone doesn't respond to your call, you need to act all stalkerish!
Go, Sue, mama bear go give her hell. Now she realized how manipulative, Emily was, gosh did Emily was making people go Alzheimer or what?
Yes, they work, they go to class, they tried to pay bills, I wonder who pay the bills in the Uley home.
Would it mean that Sam is fighting now that he knows more about the bond?
What a delusional girl, Emily is!
Wonder what happen to Kim, did she left Jared broke the bond and went to college like any good future individual that want to have money to survive?
Well, at least Emily saw that she's nothing with Leah influence in her home, in her Reservation, doubt anyone would attend to congratulate the couple but talk to Leah and support her.
It's your personality that won't help you go far, Emily, not the appearance! YOUR DAMM PERSONALITY!
Oh no, why the Justice of the Peace in Port Angeles.
Seth still talks to her why? just why? Seth what happen, where's your loyalty, she must have influenced him and mixed everything up, he's still easily influenced.
4/21/2019 c1 ploiuiu
Awesome chapter, setting the edge already. I really hope it becomes a Sam/Leah fanfic but I don't think so because there's no official pairing. I really hope to get what she deserved. Poor Harry, hope he gets better and get motivated to keep his diet for his daughter that will come back to see him and that would keep him alive and get healthier.
11/6/2017 c11 4Ilena Petrova
Why dont you update like at all?
8/11/2017 c1 Angel1504
This is so good, I'm loving it. The story is gripping and I love how you portray Emily as the fake that she is and Bella as a manipulative weak person. I'm a fan of Leah and I wish there are more fanfics of her and I can't wait to see how she'll get on with Edward. Please update soon
8/3/2017 c11 11uffauffauffa
Emily is really hateful. She thought about keeping Sam close and getting to her heart with a son, but surprised, she is barren and wants the children of the other. Sam still dreams about the beloved LEAH night and this for Emily is a slap. And it is terrible for her to know that no one now falls in the recital of the perfect and holy girl. Including the wolf boys.

Your Emily is hateful and does not differ so much from the original. I always thought that LEAH cousin wanted the pardon of the girl only to live without fault with her relationship with Sam. But Emily has her sins. Not to mention that her wounds tie her even more to Sam and for me it is impossible that she does not realize this. Sam is still in love with LEAH, but the imprinting itself is reinforced by Sam's guilt towards LEAH cousin for the accident in the woods.
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