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for It Could Be Worse 3rd Season

7/28/2012 c1 13Atlantis Forester
I read ICBW back in the days you were still writing it, and found myself suddenly thinking about it, nearly ten years later. I couldn't get it out of my idle head, and so here I am now, re-reading it, and still enjoying it even now. This has probably been the most memorable Tamora Pierce fanfiction I've ever read as a teen - really, good job writing this!

Just as a side-note, though: I really wish I could have read about everyone's reaction to finding out about Kel and Joren's relationship. Why did you decide to leave that out?
6/30/2008 c22 shadowstorm13
i love this series thank you for writing i love this story and these bloopers thank you for writing these i hope you wont stop at 4 plz continue
7/1/2007 c13 saphiria
This was a very funny episode! I laughed though alot of it-and i don't laugh alot

great job!
4/10/2007 c22 Silentlady101
Umm.. i'm not sure u like jap sgs (oh my schools initials) but i really find that this one fits the first part of this story- Go youtube type {Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle-Tsubasa (English Version)}Choose the one by squalken, the one with 4:32 and llisten carefully. It's difficult cause its sung by Yui Makino(Jap singer) or smthing.

By the way there is no spelling mistakes in the title and Tsubasa means 'feathers'
1/15/2007 c22 fliccolo
Great season. can't wait to read the next one!
12/25/2006 c1 6Lotti's Lot
11/17/2006 c12 Evil Non-Reviewer
I believe that the song is Bitch.

I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one

I'm a bitch

I'm a lover

I'm a child

I'm a mother...ringing any bells?
7/30/2006 c3 16Sulia Serafine
I suppose I can grant you some sort of permission, Me and a Half, if you want to run some ideas by me. I mean, I did make a tiny sequel piece and a full mini-series after ICBW, so I'm not sure as to what gaps can be filled in. Let me know if you ever get an account.
7/30/2006 c3 me and a half
i havent reviewed anything in almost 5 months, because of this internet safety thing that made me all paranoid lol. but because your story was so amazing, i couldnt stand not to.

i have lot of things to say.

One, is that if i look at draco from harry potter I hate him. its not that i liked joren in the first place, its that you have given him a reason to be so misanthropic (ha! vocab word!). his reasons are completely excepted by me, but i totally get that neal doesnt: he doesn't know joren's life story. i think it might be easier for neal and everyone to understand if somehow they found out about joren's life, but hey, ur the author.

Two, i love how kel is not only his reason for being on the plane, but his reason for being on the earth, like he would die without her. it took me a while to get that, lol, but when i did it was so sweet. (SPOILER WARNING, for people who have not finished the story yet)i kinda think that because he isnt immortal yet, he couldve/wouldve committed suicide without kel. hes so sweet, though, and i like how in the 3rd or 4th episode of season four, "when he was criticizing her, it seemed like an elaborate scheme to have her THERE with him." or something like that, sorry if i misquote and btw i have read this story before, i'm just spoiling miself-reading it again. i love his quiet little reflections on how much she means to him, even if he doesnt show her. i love getting inside his head. LOL

Three, i totally understand about the essays. i write 2, but i HATE NON-FICTION and so everyone expects mi essays to be really really good and they're not and i hate it. so much pressure! gah. mi empathy and sympathy to you.

Four, keep writing. forever and ever and ever and ever. i was always one of those people who hated kj (i kno, the horror), because like they would just do joren suddenly kisses her and then she melts and its like, 'despite the fact that i have hated you forever, let make out!" and soo unrealistic. that was until i found your story, and now i am ADDiCTED to kj. unfortunately, there are not enough kj writers out there.

Five, i would completely suck at writing kj, because i cannot develop joren the way that you have.therefore, i am asking your permission (if i ever get an account) to do a continuation of your story. mi title would probably be something like a continuation to ICBW, and all credit would go to you, it would just be me and mi pathetic attempt to write kj. im totally not talking about plagiarism, and hopefully it would give your story the publicity it deserves. i doubt that you will reply, though i hope you will, and if not i will argue with miself for hours over whether it would be morally right for me to do this. i might do it, SORRY SORRY SORRY!) but i would totally give you credit. *makes pouty face because sulia is not writing a lot anymore*

i totally love your story and will put nothing on if ou give me the thumbs-down. I PROMISE.

i completely love your story, this is a scarily long review, and goodbye!
7/18/2006 c22 7dreamofdesire
You rock! These stories are amazing!
5/11/2006 c6 me and a half
its funni, kel being innocent while dom makes dirty jokes. even I, the naivest of the naive, got that one.

ahh, poor kel. and even more poor kel if dmo tries to make a move on her and joren sees. maybe dom needs a love interest. maybe he'd like one of kel's sisters...

adie was supposed to be pretty, at least in tp's books. and so was oranie.
6/9/2005 c22 4FanFictionFantom
argh. i wanna hate you for dragging out all these secrets but...i cant. because you did spawn this masterpiece. now i must go read season 4! thats right, ive been online all day reading this and now im gonna spend even MORE hours finishing. AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT. FOR SHAME.

6/9/2005 c21 FanFictionFantom
ARGH! YES in fact, i do hate you right now. this is torture. why did u leave so many loose ends? is enishi ok? why exactly did the dragon maiden wanna kill his city instead of the black city? why did she wanna kill shinkokami?

6/9/2005 c20 FanFictionFantom
ah. so good. when u first added in magic during this season i wasnt very accepting of it because this is sposed to be more futuristic, but u pulled it off. and u also somehow made me fond of the enishi guy even though hes a complete jerk.
6/9/2005 c17 FanFictionFantom
about your AN at the beginning of the chapter...how can joren be that enishi guy's son? i mean the whole prodigal son thing he was talking about earlier would make sense, but what about jorens parents who died in the fire?
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