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for It Could Be Worse 3rd Season

8/5/2003 c16 sara
NO...i was just starting to like Shinkokami and now shes dead..
8/5/2003 c16 MysticMoonEmpress
great chapter! aww poor neal! i can't wait to read the next chapter.
8/4/2003 c16 Tiffie101
Great chapter!

8/4/2003 c9 CrossPatch Briar
YOU TRIED TO SELL CLEON! hahahahahahahahahah! that was the funniest thing I have ever read! You go girl!
8/4/2003 c16 6wistress
That's so sad. please continue.
8/4/2003 c1 Quartz
Aww. Cleon made a friend.

Poor Shinkonami (spelling? oh well). It isn't HER fault there's a giant dragon running around out for people who happen to be related to her... ^.^

Lovely chapter. I gotta admit, I was kinda thinking that Liam mighta been the one to, you know, "wake the dragon", since I'm not exactly sure why Cleon (except that he's got red hair, ya know) was the "chosen one", but it's all good. Can't wait to see what happens to Kel and Fal.

My reviews seem to be getting shorter as school approaches...sorry you have to go back Thursday (seems a little early to me), but we all gotta go back sometime. Bleh.

Oh well. Great chapter, so...until next time!


"Shh. You hear that? That's the sound of him not bein' here." - Meatwad, 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'
8/4/2003 c16 21shadowcat15
Again, Joren's family is confusing. In season two, it seemed that Joren was Enishi's son. But if that was true, he would have the blood of the royal family in him, and Nataku would have gone for him first, not Shinko.

If someone can explain this, if there's something I missed, tell me please!
8/4/2003 c16 Pyrope
well they found the Dragon, but that Chisakami chick? evil. But neway, this was another great chapter with your fabulous writing skills. I can't wait to see what happens with Cleon and the Dragon. Now those dudes better heal Fal!1 and let everybody go. I hope that you get back into the mood for writing and school does suck. I have to go back two weeks earlier than everybody else so I'll be starting around the same time as you do. You have all of my sympathies. Can't wait until the next chapter!
8/4/2003 c16 DarkAngel33
OOH! that was really good! and I'm REALLY confused about Chisakami, but you know, that's only expected. so, anyway, update soon!
8/4/2003 c16 Lemon Parade
i have just re-read your second season. i actually was surprised that your put in a little of kel's dream in this episode (the red monkey) i liked the animalization of each character and the red monkey bit was tieing it all back together! ive also noticed that Kel doesnt get badly injured, the others do...and i was wondering what might happen to her and the others if that happened! i'm also wondering why the dragon didnt sense joren as one of the blood? its interesting! i hope that the stone guy doesnt get killed i like him! and shouldnt he be able to sense kel since she has a stone? I also was thinking about how much there was of kel and conal in the last season! i do believe that she maybe loves him more then her other brothers! i dont know...thats just what i got, and his betrayal would be definately hard. hm...this is getting very interesting...i love kel and joren stuff and i hope theres a lot more of them. shinko's death was something unexpected and i liked it...made the whole dragon going after the blood that much more realistic! cant wait! update soon
7/30/2003 c9 1Loony Lemon Curry
haha! that was hilarious!
7/29/2003 c15 Quartz
Very nice chapter. Sorry for the (very) brief review!


...no quote today, gotta run...
7/28/2003 c15 Scarlet Edition
good chapter as always
7/28/2003 c15 Rachel
hey...just to let you know that i won't have my other screennames - chiadancer & saturnsorceress anymore. could you add my new email () to your list in replacement for the other two?
7/28/2003 c15 2Mystic Moon Empress
great chapter! wonder wat conal is up to..hmm...hehe well hope u update soon! =)
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