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for It Could Be Worse 3rd Season

6/9/2005 c15 4FanFictionFantom
never gonna read harry potter? i mean i guess you might be too old for them...but thats impossible. they sound goofy and dorky and typical hero storyish but theyre really good. i swear. maybe someday you'll change your mind.
6/9/2005 c13 FanFictionFantom
this was good, but what i'm really waiting for is the big climax where everything moves fast and you get totally caught up in the story. you're a master at building tension and thickening the plot and all.
6/9/2005 c9 FanFictionFantom
i've started reading the story where i left off again. and it did make me laugh actually. on to chappie 10...
11/23/2004 c1 4Made of socks
Okay... another 1st chapter... wonderful story. I love it.
9/17/2004 c3 chelsifer
hehehe...i like your stories vair vair much. i liked joren better when he was a sadistic, sarcastic bastard
4/29/2004 c18 Loony
Racing? What kind? Haha, I just pictured you in the fast and furious.
4/20/2004 c16 hawaiikel
if shinkokami's of the pure royal line. and enishi is immortal, shudnt shinko also be immortal? and if she calls chisakami sister then shinko's way older than she looks. right? ooh and bout skool starting on thursday. thats good coz now u only hyave skool for 2 days instead of 5 lol :D
4/19/2004 c14 hawaiikel
lovely chapter. but wut does succubae mean?
4/18/2004 c13 hawaiikel
lmao omg! wut a riot! "we lost the duck. yes. the poor duck. the poor poor duck." "we lost dom. yes we lost dom. poor poor dom." lmao omg! that was awesome! "a bit drafty in here" i love it! will we have another happy eps before the end of the season?
4/14/2004 c9 hawaiikel
hahahahhahahah omg! wut a hilarious scene! i especially loved the ending “I have son! He older than Shizuru by two winters—very, very strong! Make you happy! Would please many woman in their tents, see, because he has very big—“ lmao omg! where do u come up with these things? i'd say ur hours of pacing and brainstorming r worth it lol!
4/12/2004 c1 hawaiikel
aw omg. its a cute opener newayz so dont worry bout it. does ppl know kel n joren r an item? coz i know they do things like.. in private and all but there r the things they do in public. joren tugging her to the motorcycle. and then qasim saying "the beauty who tamed the beast" and faleron not being too surprised about seeing them cuddling on the balcony @ the reception.
3/29/2004 c1 2LoneEagle13
Hey. When are you gonna start the fourth season, it's been months since the bloopers. I gotta know what happens. Please start the next season. I'm like dying to know what happens. Thanks,
3/8/2004 c22 Acts of Tekla
*sniffs* Joren left! *bursts into noisy tears* Poor Kel - I hope he comes back in season 4...although, he kinda has to. I'm guessing Coram (the Younger) shows up in the next season as well.
Anyway, I loved this even more than the first two. It is really well-written - you have a gift for comedy! (I loved the scene where Fal tried to sell Cleon. By the way, does Cleon know that he shares his name with an ancient Athenian leader? Ancient!Cleon prosecuted Aristophanes for making fun of him in a play. Kind of ironic.) Joren is written incredibly well.
Bloopers were hilarious, of course. My favorites are the third one for the first episode, the first and second for episode nine, the last for episode eleven, "a dark corridor in the Black City castle", all for 15, 16, 19, and 21, and the last for 20.
Simply Myself
2/4/2004 c22 5lady-knight2
Poor Mister Director Man. Wouldn't it be kinder to just let him die like he asks? Kudos on the bloopers.
2/2/2004 c21 lady-knight2
I'm crying. I never cry when i read things. I'm crying. I can't believe you just did that. This is a horrible way to end a season. I'm sorry but i have no positive comments for this. I will be reading the next season but only in the vain hope of them getting back together.
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