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for It Could Be Worse 3rd Season

1/21/2004 c11 Sania Delian
heh, sorry about the spell check.
dot= dont
yost= doesnt
1/20/2004 c22 Sania Delian
Hey, I am not e-mailing you right now... see below review, but I am adding this to your wonderful world of reviews. I think this is your longest! so yay! Dont take everything I said personally, just the good stuff.
I have been following your stories as you write them with interest and excitement. I cannot tell you how many times I have yelled out to my friends, “Oh my god, Sulia Serefine has updated!
1/20/2004 c21 Sania Delian
I hate you! You are so unbearibly mean! You leave me hanging at the most suspenseful part of the whole entire fricking story... and then you say... ah! Not the end, but ya know. It is the end.
SIgh, huff, ah, who. ok. Reviews right. No more declarations of murder or anything like that. Gr. You are so mean!
Story wise- Will e-mail you for the rest or come back later...
I should tell you that I HATE YOU because I am now, officially, going to fail French, Calculus, and, oh, about every other class that I had homework in today.
Sania D.
1/18/2004 c21 6Cinderellen
Wow. In the past week or so I've read all of the ICBW stories, and I have to say, I was very impressed. Original, amsuing, and well written. And loking back on the first one, your writing has imporved so much. Not that the first one, or ALLO, was bad. But the this one was just much better. Writing-wise, that is. It wasn't as funny as the first one, and I found parts of it a little too weird. And the ending? Talk about depressing. I'm just glad you're not leaving it there, and I hope the next one is more like the second one...that's probably my favorite.
Anyway, great job, keep writing.
1/18/2004 c22 8White Phoenix Erialis
No! The ending was so sad... Joren and Kel better have a "happily ever after" ending next season... just kidding, actually. The bloopers were, as always, amusing. Cheerios!
1/16/2004 c22 machiavella of kingsport
DUDE-awesome ending! I can't stand how depressing it is, but it's awesome anyway...oh my. Nice bloopers, too. Well-can't wait for the next season! GREAT JOB!
1/16/2004 c21 Catchfire
I'm horrififed to say that this...made me cry. Now, I don't cry. Ever. But to think of Kel, walking out of that apartment...thinking that she'll never, in her natural life, see Joren again...Well, there I go. I LOVE this *weep* Please let her be emotionally scarred, PLEASE. That's so much FUN to devolope! BRING ON SEASON 4! (Btw, I was so jazzed to see some of the Kenshin-gumi in this...but no Sanosuke! He's such a hottie...maybe next time? *wink*)
1/15/2004 c21 darkangel33
NO! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US! NO! just when i thought kel and joren would be all happy-happy-together, you just HAD to make him leave! no! anywsy, congrats on finishing the fic! it was really good, though i can't decide which is best between all of your seasons so far. well, now i guess ill read the bloopers now. great fic! bye!
1/14/2004 c21 6wistress
I reeally really want to cry. Will Joren be back? And no, I don't hate you. It's alright, I've seen and experienced too many sad love stories to be mad at you. It's alright. That's life, destiny has a thing against true love
1/14/2004 c21 acbworm
poor poor kel, *wipes away tears*, her life is bad enough w/out ripping joren from her side. omg, I am so sad this is ending, I don't want you to take a break...besides, you owe us. yes, you owe us a new episode of the gift! I'm waiting for the next one and I was SURE that it was comning up soon...and it didn't. so please please please please please update soon!
1/13/2004 c22 21shadowcat15
Twice the blopers, twice the laughs...
1/13/2004 c22 3Arabella Silverbell
I love you. I seriously love you. YOU ARE THE GREATEST AUTHOR EVER!
*clears throat* Now that I got that out of my system, let me say this.
The Joren/Neal jokes were extremely hilarous. I almost choked on the Sour Skittle I was eating. Heh.
I still love how you portray Joren. I will always and always. Hell, you are the reason I love J/K.
Also, if you don't continue, I swear I will bug you with emails to continur.
P.S. I probably will reread ICBW.
1/13/2004 c21 dracorium
I think I'm gonna cry...
BTW, I've e-mailed you twice about joining the mailing list and I dont think that I'm on it. If you would please add me I would be most joyous. Thanks :)
1/13/2004 c22 MysticMoonEmpress
hey! awesome finish! but really sad too, and now we'll all have to wait for so long! lol well i hope its even better than this one =) good luck and thnx!
1/13/2004 c21 Pyrope
Joren's gone? For good? Wow... Cleon and Fal will eventually come back I hope and Joren has to come back! The troubles had finally passed and they might've had a chance... You have a plan somewhere I hope and a plan that will bring everyone back...
This series has been amazing and things I never would have suspected to happen have happened. I hope that this is continued and that things eventually look up for everyone.. must go read the bloopers for some happiness after Joren has left us..
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