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5/7 c56 24Death Fury
excellent chapter
5/7 c56 Snow596
Great chapter rip Neos hand and it’s a shame that ty lee isn’t coming along Ripely and Scottys deaths are also upsetting but I loved every part of the chapter nonetheless I can’t wait for the next one!
5/7 c56 19mpowers045
I bet the mechanist would make Neo a hand like the one from the Evil Dead movie series, the third movie was called Army of Darkness it’s when Ash unexpectedly travel back in time to the Middle Ages and he was able to make himself a new hand out of a gauntlet from a suit of armor.
5/7 c56 5Many Faced Mage
In the face of today is? Rouge Clone!

This was an amazing chapter. They may have failed but at least Neon is alive. As for Scotty and Ripley, May the force be with you. You will be missed. I hope at least some of the clones will survive this war. I was hoping Ty Lee Would join them. Hopefully she will later on. This is getting good and I’m looking forward to the next chapter
4/23 c55 Guest
4/6 c55 24Death Fury
excellent chapter
4/3 c55 Guest
Beautiful and amazing chapter. I can’t wait for the next one!
4/3 c55 5Many Faced Mage
And the face of Today is? Rouge Clone!

This is getting good! Hopefully the clones will help Neo escape. Also I hope Ty Lee joins them. This is getting good I am looking forward to what you’re right next. Hope you’re well.
4/3 c55 gamingreshiram20
To be honest. this is really good. I have read the entire story up to this chapter. I honestly can't wait for more, and to see if you would do the part of the comics that take place after the series ended. I am curious if spell check is used, as I have seen spelling errors.
4/2 c54 Guest
Please update soon I am curious about the day of black sun I am also curious about the southern raiders
3/25 c54 Guest
Please update soon
3/24 c52 Guest
I am so glad katara didn’t become a blood bender I am also glad Eli killed Hama I this is even better than the episode the puppet master
2/9 c54 Guest
This is a great cross over
1/26 c54 Someone123
Pls update.
1/18 c54 OOf
Please make more.
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