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9/9 c53 Linkin Park Fan
do Nightmares and daydreams. It has continue romantic relationship with Toph Eli
9/5 c53 Linkin Park Fan
if Neo Sumdac is back with Team Avatar he's going to pull a Tony Stark on Aang like endgame.
9/3 c53 TheDukeofBoston
Great chapter, as usual. I think you should do the Nightmares and Daydreams episode. One thing it can accomplish is more development in the relationship between Eli and Toph, as well as Team Avatar learning more about the Creed clan. You could even make jokes about Eli's last named being changed from Tal-gunn to Creed.
9/2 c19 Nightflight
Mark Hamil joke.
Also a real Pirates of the Carribean blooper.
8/29 c1 rosellashipper43
while this is good your writing and punctuation needs work as well as you need to divide the sorry into paragraphs try not to use words like is and it said.
8/29 c1 Khettana
please update soon. I cant wait until the invasion
8/29 c1 Guest
Me gusta la historia, en genial la combinación de avatar con star wars, pero me sorprende que lleves 4 años escribiendola y aún no la hayas terminado. Aunque viendo donde lo dejaste te falta poco. Espero que le des un buen final a Neo e Eli, porque todos los que vimos avatar sabemos como terminó y espero que le des un buen final a nuestro amigos de star wars. Y por favor sube los demás capitos lo más pronto posible please.
8/12 c3 Guest
This is absolutely Fantastic! I love this Story!
8/12 c2 Guest
Really awesome!
8/8 c53 Linkin Park Fan
8/8 c53 Linkin Park Fan
The Bad Company Clones are right around the corner They are 7 of them Mute, Shark Throttlejock Crossfire Jumper Pathway
8/8 c53 Guest
It's spelled robe not roab
8/7 c53 1Revolver76
I reccomend using that timeframe to write about something else while Aang does his thing in the background
8/7 c5 Chance Miller
If Neos alive will he be able to be reunite with his padawan Eli in the invasion.
8/7 c53 Chance Miller
Excellent work on chapter 7 I can’t wait for the invasion to begin!
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