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for Book 1 - Eurydice Resurrected

11/18/2018 c3 43ocfairygodmother
Wow. Wow. WOW. Was not expecting this twist! Not at all. Wow. I mean, it's a great twist. But BAM! I mean, now that I think of it...I totally should have expected it more, but I must have been blind last chapter. haha. This chapter was epic! Another chapter beautifully written by you! Thanks for writing this! :)
11/18/2018 c2 ocfairygodmother
I really enjoyed reading this. I'm liking seeing Derek like this. You characterize him perfectly! :) And again, your attention to detail is exquisite. Seriously, what are you doing writing fanfiction? You should be writing to get paid! haha. (I say that more jokingly than anything. But for real, you've got quite a way with words and a talent for writing! :)) Much love.
11/18/2018 c1 ocfairygodmother
I have always adored your writing style. It's so natural and flows easily. I'll also confess, that I've always been a tad jealous of your style too. haha. Your attention to detail is impeccable. I can literally picture everything that you write happening in my head. :) You always do incredibly with building things up. This is a fabulous piece of writing that definitely showcases what you can do. (I know it's old and you've only grown, but still...from a writing standpoint, fantastic) Thanks for writing it! :)
10/20/2016 c1 TheLittlestMunchkin
I can't believe Derek Morgan falling for pretty eyes , he of all people just got up and followed her in the alleyway , just like that. But mind you she had a convincing conversation I guess. To late Derek you just became one for the books hahaha. Well done daystorm
7/18/2016 c2 Guest
can we have more please.
6/15/2016 c2 4CarlyLynn
Beautifully written Intro and Chapter One of your new Criminal Minds Fanfiction. I'm very interested in reading more. I wonder what kind of trouble Autumn is in. Is she a vampire? What could she possible want with Derek? Can't wait to read more soon.

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