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for Talking About Anything - Fire Emblem Fates: Devastation

6/26/2019 c34 18smileplease91
I'm so glad to see you uploading again! So, what is Tibbs anyway?
3/12/2019 c33 28The Apocryphal One
Well, at least Mikoto's laughing! That's something!
3/10/2019 c33 18smileplease91
Aww, I can understand Blu's embarrassment. I once pissed myself because JUST as I was heading to the bathroom, the phone rang. It was my dad's mom (I was about 11 at the time), and before I could get the phone to my dad, it just... happened. I cried from embarrassment.

That was my huge problem with Saizo. He can be such a dick. But, Mikoto laughing was almost worth it, I guess? She deserves to smile. Here's to hoping Blu gets him back, eventually!
12/11/2018 c32 smileplease91
Okay, my heart officially melted at this chapter. I'm 27 and still sleep with a plush penguin.
9/18/2018 c31 smileplease91
I think it's called a kendo stick that they're fighting with.

I like how Blu isn't the perfect swordsman and has a temper. It shows that while you can be a great fighter, there are still areas to learn. Also that the match wasn't one-sided, as Kamui was down to 54%. I have to wonder how part 2 will go since Blu is seemingly more tired while Kamui is more alert.
4/8/2018 c30 smileplease91
It's good that Mikoto trusts Blue now. Kinda sad she only did so once he proved he wasn't lying about his human self. But the words she spoke did have some comfort to them, as well as sorrow and perhaps guilt. It was really sweet that she helped clean the gravemarker, too. She didn't have to do that. I'm sure Blue really appreciated it, as well as his uncle. Even if he can't visit the grave as much as he'd like, just keeping his uncle in his memories is enough.
1/23/2018 c28 smileplease91
I never played Nohr's side, so the only time I ever saw Camilla was when she was being a temptress and killing things. It's good to see a different side to get. I hope GreyScale recovers quickly. When did Dreyza bond with a dragon, anyway? That takes skill and it's extremely dangerous. Do all the Zeroes have them, or just Dreyza?
12/18/2017 c26 smileplease91
Is Skelena with the group now or just kinda observing from her dimension? But it's good to see the group all together again. I missed that.

Also, I've had MREs. Had a cousin married to a marine. Nasty. You'd figure they'd be able to cook (the Hoshidans and Nohrians) in their downtime. Of course, food spoils... so...
12/6/2017 c25 nhaer042
Okay, so I read this, chapter 10 and 20. They're alright. The amount of detail you go into some things seems a little unnecessary but that might just be an issue only I'm having. Mikoto is an interesting choice to have as the one experiencing the real world (well, as real as a simulation can be anyway). I'm curious as to why you chose her. That's not a criticism, she just doesn't strike me as the first choice for this kind of scenario.
10/3/2017 c23 smileplease91
I like this version of Selena better. You can tell she's still tsundere, but in a good way. I loved how you had them embrace, too. Made me smile. As much as I dislike Severa/Selena, I couldn't help but to smile and feel redemption in this chapter. Well done!
8/29/2017 c22 smileplease91
When Blu cried... hnnnnnng. *clutches chest*
8/19/2017 c21 smileplease91
My goodness. I mean, Saizo has his reasons you be cautious, but to think the Ashen Wolves are more dangerous than any threat to them? Blu does have a point, though. The only question I have is, What exactly is going on in Dreyza's mind? She was just threatened and told she was being watched, and she just thinks, "There's that"? I'd be pissed! Wonder if she and Blu will have a talk about it later? I'd imagine Blu being okay with Saizo threatening him, but his sister? Nah.
7/1/2017 c20 smileplease91
Mikoto playing House of the Dead. There HAS to be a follow up chapter to this. But, Blue seemed a little... tense this chapter. Or maybe it was just me. Wonder what's up...
6/30/2017 c20 4pichufan101
Think you could introduce Kagero to anime like Naruto, Madoka Magica, etc. ?
6/26/2017 c19 18smileplease91
Wait. Seppuku?! Does Ryoma do this in the Nohrian path? Sweet Jesus... (remember, only played once fully through, and it was Hoshido's path). I'm interested to see what sort of concert is going to be held. With the different dimensions, i wonder if they'll pull a band through (can't really imagine Blue being 100% okay with this, though, even if he isn't introduced yet), but with Vespyr being weary of opera, I think an exception would be okay. Just to be able to relax a moment would seriously boost morale. It's sweet to see Vespyr care about others, which again makes me say that while they think their actions don't matter, clearly they do. And it's great to be back.
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