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for His Father's House

7/6/2016 c1 22Flint and Feather
This is wonderfully touching; a window into your deep understanding of the most important elements that figured in Hellboy's development and motivations. Above all, the guidance and love of the Professor, who had always seen the good in him.

You so well capture the nuances of canonical symbolism throughout the bleak, dread atmosphere of Hell. It's noted that when that Hellboy as Anung un Rama razes down the 'palaces' of the remnants of noble demon class, the motley jumble of houses seeming to belong to 'common folk' are left intact. He rids his new world of the leviathan and the behemoth, and with the deaths of Satan and then Beelzebub, it's true that Anung un Rama could be king if he wanted it, but Hellboy's earthly ethics are all present within that form, and he's powerful enough to become himself again.

I'm glad for the comfort he finds within that one familiar house, when his accepted prospects are otherwise so lonely.

Thanks for this affecting interpretation of 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'.

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