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for Baby girl, I have you now (revised)

4/15/2020 c1 1Savageverse
Why did you Blantently copy coming home? Thats not right at all
3/22/2018 c12 1Raebear98
please update soon. fuck Jackson
10/21/2017 c12 Guest
I like this story so much and really miss it... can u please continue... i would really appreciate it and i know they are many other people who would too... please update
5/27/2017 c12 Guest
More more more
5/27/2017 c4 Guest
I love this thank you
5/10/2017 c12 1caseyrn12
Well I read the previous one n now this one. I love them both.i love Ellie in this n is a great character n in a way important to the story. As it makes absolute sense as Shelby would have to learn how to separate her time etc between both girls s they both need her. N poor Ray the life she lived was nightmare. Great job hope u update soon
8/30/2016 c12 Guest
GREAT WRITING! Just remember Shelby is Rachel's mommy NOT Ellie's mom.
8/27/2016 c10 Jess
Awwn man, dat was soo cute
It would be cutter if Rachel was a baby
8/28/2016 c12 Confident127
Wooowwwww of course ellie would make a drama out of the dinner. She really needs attention on her huh? Geez...
Poor Rach huhu
8/28/2016 c12 2Hollyoaksperiandnico
Love it xx
8/27/2016 c10 Lee Sunshine
Hello... your nickname is too long lol hahah
I agree with my friend's suggestion there, she had send me your story a few weeks ago, but i haven't favorited yet, sorry. Seriously, baby Rach is the cuttest thing ever, did you see her as a baby before? If not, just google it: baby lea michele. I hope you think about this, I really like your story and your writing, don't mind these annoying people. Bye, till next time.
8/27/2016 c11 PinkMonster91
Hii. Noo don't listen to these people. Keep writing! My main language isn't english either, but I can understand it. xD
But hey, I think you should do another story, like Rachel as a baby... like, 2-3 years old? You write sooo well these cute and sweet bonding times between them... I think more people would read stuff like this. (Because doesn't have much stories like this in here. Mainly is teen/adult Rach.)
Well... That's all! See ya! Take care!
8/17/2016 c11 Guest
Please stop writing. This story is awful and cringey.
8/18/2016 c11 Confident127
So cute
8/17/2016 c11 DawnB
I really like this story, keep it up.
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