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9/20/2016 c15 21Lavish22
Awe. I really liked it. Oh, well. You gotta write what you want to write, or else it all turns to shit. I should know, having 3 or so years of experience. Good Luck!
9/19/2016 c15 3MickeyThePal
That's one of my life sources gone. Although, if this book isn't going anywhere, then I guess it is better for you to stop... I will support your decisions. .
9/19/2016 c15 1ChrisYagami
9/18/2016 c15 74Queen-of-Ice101
Please don't delete this sequel. You may not have finished it but what you did read is enjoyable and I know that I personally would enjoy being able to occasionally go back and check this out. Just mark it as complete and add the word discontinued onto the summery or something, that way those of us who have been reading all along can still look back and enjoy what you've written should we want to:)

Good luck on your own book by the way! I bet it'll be awesome:)
9/18/2016 c15 AuroraStargazers
I'm not quite sure what to say...
I will respect your decision and will support you if you need it, but I can't help but to feel sad that your amazing work has come to an end.
I would love it if you gave me details for this new book. I still can't get around the fact that I've been through so much with you authors, even if it was just you doing what you do best and me enjoying what you guys updated. So thank you for sharing this special talent of yours and I wish you guys the best for the future.
"I must not cry, I must not cry..."
*sobs and weeps*
I hope to see more of L, Mizuki, Amaya, Mello, Yuki and Near. Until then, I will miss them to bits as much as we otakus will miss you...
Well then, I hope this isn't the last goodbye.
We WILL keep in touch.
Forever loyal...
9/8/2016 c14 3MickeyThePal
AWWWWWWW~~~! \\\.\\\ The ship has OFFICIALLY in my books sailed. And I will force you to listen to the Barney song for 72 hours if one of them dies. I didn't really get to know Hasa, so I guess I won't miss her a lot. But I have grown to love the trio as actually people (PLATONICALLY!). It just shows how well you've developed them . I have a request for a guest. Hey, that rhymed! Kaneki Ken! Ya know who that is. The tentacled hottie (never though I'd type THAT out) with a broken body and soul.
9/7/2016 c14 21Lavish22
Fluff! It's everywhere! Quick, get the clouds back into the sky, or we'll all suffocate and die! Merp. :P
9/4/2016 c14 1ChrisYagami
Well, that was cute.

Also, random fun fact: If the United States in this story was acting more like it's real-life counterpart (at this point they'd be closely checking every boat and plane that leaves the country in unnecessarily excruciating detail), the safest route to Japan would probably be through Canada, Alaska, Pacific Russia and Sakhalin. Well, then again, realistically they'd also be preparing their low-yield "tactical" nuclear weapons to bomb our protagonists at first glance, so perhaps swaying from the truth can be helpful sometimes.
9/4/2016 c14 74Queen-of-Ice101
That was a really sweet chapter. I like that you wrote he chapter from two different POV's. The only thing I had trouble with was figuring out who's was who's so it would be awesome if you could start the POV by letting us know who's it is but other then that it's awesome.

The kiss was cute and made me smile:) my I put in my humble request for a Mello/Ayame moment in one of the future chapters?

Great chapter, looking forward to the next one!
9/4/2016 c14 AuroraStargazers
Yes, finally, the adorableness is too much to bear!
They frigin kissed!
I'll make this review short coz I have a feeling half of it is just me having an emotional break down.
Still, it was soo cute!
Okay, amazing chapter and loved how you really showed Mello's pov, he is like a strategical thinker. Hope Mizuki is ok.
Oh yeah, luv triangles- have a feeling my very outdated literature teacher who taught us 'A midsummer nights dream' was rubbing off on me.
And yes, go Mizuki and L!
Hugs and kisses!
9/2/2016 c12 21Lavish22
Dude. That was unexpected. I honestly thought he was gonna send in Light or Misa. I like your twist better, though. Merp.
9/1/2016 c1 Lavish22
OMFK, I'M SO READY TO READ THIS! I'VE WAITED SO LONG! And I can't believe it's been up without my notice! Gah, I should look better next time. Keep going girl(s)! Merp.
8/29/2016 c13 22Nifawiwa
Jesus, for some reason I just couldn't help but feel bad for Beyond T-T He should be a murderer and everything, but here he's just almost vulnerable. Not that I don't like that, this gives a whole different view on him. I'm a bit disappointed to learn that Beyond and A will just be friends, since at the moment I'm reallyyy into yaoi (donotjudgemeok) XD But oh well, this story is great either way XD And oooh, Haikyuu! ? I love that anime, one of my favorite ones in fact! It made me fall in love with volleyball actually, and my health was a bit better, I would have totally joined my school's team. Sadly, my body says otherwise T-T If you're watching Haikyuu, maybe we could see some members in your A/N? ;)) There isn't really a difference who exactly, I love all of my babies Anyway, great chapter and I hope to hear more from you soon!
8/29/2016 c3 AuroraStargazers
Haha, Queen of ice was the 100th abd 113th reviewer.
Coz B is like 13 squished together?
Sorry, I just has to say that!
8/28/2016 c13 74Queen-of-Ice101
Lol Matt's a girl who doesn't need a guy?

And I get why you killed them off. For the story it would just seem like you had gone pairing crazy if you gave Matt a significant other by him getting involved with a girl he had only just recently met.

Oh wonderful...more guilt and depression...so excited...

Haha looking forward to your next update:)
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