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for Booth and Brennan's Baby Joy

9/14/2016 c3 ZinaR
I think we did not have to have the getting in the car in every detail every time. The reiteration of the conversations is not necessarily either. The reading becomes redundant and boring. I like yours ideas, I just think that you should edit your execution.
9/13/2016 c3 83LoveShipper
I am so happy that Bones and Booth are so happy
9/9/2016 c1 Heavenly Survivor
This is sweet!
7/29/2016 c2 ZinaR
Did you know that you put the same chapter up twice?
7/29/2016 c2 LoveShipper
Aww the first doctor's appointment
6/17/2016 c1 Guest
I never get tired of reading stories about when Booth and Brennan first became a couple.
6/18/2016 c1 ZinaR
I like it overall, but I feel that you get into too many minute details in their movements and tgat makes tge sentences too abrupt and they lose their fluidity.

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