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for Even the Strongest Walls Will Shatter

1/5/2019 c1 JJ
This was so satisfyingly spot on in character, pacing, dialogue. It felt like watching an episode! 3
10/2/2018 c1 30KJMusings
To the guest who just posted and was afraid to use their name Just a friendly piece of advice for someone I'm assuming is very very young. This is a FICTIONAL story about a CARTOON . Maybe you shouldn't take cartoons and fiction so seriously. You'll be happier.
8/6/2016 c1 krrsm
This is gold man

aaaarghhh h hh h h this is such an amazing fic

oh my god...

i dont even have any word to describe this fic.
thank you! thank you!
6/30/2016 c1 Airyln
Wth. I was in the verge of tears when you put that End stamp at the bottom. Why did you finish it so quickly? The anti-climax is way too fast and instant, after the heated tension for days right there, i think you're rushing a bit in the end. It still feels natural, yes, but there's just something that i feel was lacking because how fast the ending was proggressing, and because of then, the emotion flow just kinda stuck and disappears, like how a balloon was pumped so fast that it popped before we even have the time to read what's written on it. How Asami too quickly openedup her door again and let Korra in, the flow is just too fast. How about her pent up anger? Frustration? Confusion, loss, insecurity, disappointment, and all those build up feelings she saved for her whole life? There's got to be at least some anger rant or hurt revealance in this story by Asami's mouth, i'm sorry, while i understands how letters worked for to pass unsaid and deep thoughts because your mind and emotiins are complicated and in a jumble mess, it just feels off by not resaying them first hand. Asami NEED to SAY them. That's how it works for your pent up and hurt feelings. Though i guess you decided that you just ended it right there even before she started her whole story _ that's what i've been waiting for...

But then again, i assume it might be your intention of writing the story this way. To emphasize the phase where people who always look strong often gets what their mask convinced people, acknowledgement, and then neglected. While our small hearts screams that there's something more under that reassuring words and act, we just don't bother and don't care enough to look back and really ask 'how are you'. Thus why you end it this way, a broken relationship and trust still in proggress on fixing...sry i forgot the english word for thay. Please correct me if i'm wrong. But i'm so dead curious abt the whole details until Korra and Assami got back together for real.

I loved your story, because like you, i noticed how lack of attention the world and everyone and even the movie gave to Asami. I was so surprised no one even spare a second glance to Asami's well-being, and the story just goes on showing how they don't have the time to care one spoiled-rich-girl-who-needs-attention in their head, who actually saved their asses and duh, their homes and city in the expanse of her own sacrifice and capabilities. Though i know not many have the perception enough to notice how Asami really is behind her trained act and toughness and all that maturity and power. It sucks to see how much attention people give to Korra, which i honestly think was so immature and snob, and so drama-teen in relationship. While it's quite natural for those to happened reminding of her age, it really made her looked and feel so stupid. Because duh! How can you not learn any more and bit of responsibilities and maturity, seeing all those burden and expectation to cone on her shoulders? But anyway, i'm off the topic here.

So yeah, i guess that's it. I love it. The end just feel a bit too fast and gone. A bit of grammar wreck here and there, but no problem. Keep up the good intensity there!

6/18/2016 c1 kaitheawesomeguy
6/18/2016 c1 Situpz
Couldint pull myself away, read it all in one sitdown. Your story was amazing!
6/17/2016 c1 Buddha1800
This is simply beautiful. Thank you.

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