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for Willful Ignorance

6/19/2016 c1 KenH
Beautifully written!
Having Jo resort to emotional appeal last was a bit of a surprise, but maybe she felt she had to try other approaches first. No matter, they proved that they love and trust each other enough for to be vulnerable.
Thank you, I look forward to your next story.
6/19/2016 c1 57superlc529
There's the writing of Hannah that we know and love. This was beautiful and so sad/angsty. I just wanted to reach through the screen and give Henry a hug. I loved the line about the 'physical reset' because it's true. He may come back to life, but he remembers every second of his deaths and all the people he has had to give a goodbye.

And I loved Jo using Abe's methods to win arguments. Because one point she made is very true. He'll always be Henry if he continues to *live* with those he loves and cares about. He'll never become like Adam if he continues to 'live.' Definitely can't imagine these characters without Abe... and (even though in this story he did) he isn't going anywhere. ;) :P

Nice job! That's the writing we all know from you. :)
6/19/2016 c1 JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett
another very good story form a very good writer

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