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8/23/2016 c1 A.Fan911
Thank you very much! Haven't laughed so hard in a long time! What a funny and clever idea. Mike spying on Jeannie and of course employing Steve as his accomplice. Great! I knew right from the start that there had to be an explanation for Jeannie's secrecy (other that what Mike suspected) and that it had to have something to do with Father's Day (don't know how I figured THAT out... LOL)
That was really a very special Father's Day. And the idea to use the wonderful poem (thanks for providing it, dear Dublin Writer ;O) rounded it all up perfectly.
I also liked the way you created the whole scenario and how well the prompted lines fit in. I'd really have loved to see that whole hilarious situation with my own eyes!
6/20/2016 c1 1Sylvia Elaine
That was a lovely story. I had to laugh how Jeannie and her Uncle had succeeded in hoodwinking Mike without even trying. Poor Steve just got dragged into it all unwillingly and unwittingly and it all came to light because of a radish. Well who'd have thought it. Loved the sentimentality of the poem too.
6/20/2016 c1 30TSOSF site
Perfect story to post on Father's Day. Well done!
6/20/2016 c1 39dublin writer
Wow! What a beautiful, touching story and so fitting for the day that was in it. The beginning held some great scenes as Mike and Steve jumped to the wrong conclusions which led to the embarrassing restaurant scene. Poor Steve falling as he did... Then to find out all along it was just her Uncle. Having Steve join them was a sweet touch and the poem you wrote for Steve was perfect. No wonder Mike had tears in his eyes! A very sweet story nicely written... Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I loved it! :-)
6/19/2016 c1 17mchicken
Very sweet story! Love the silly parts. Well done.
6/19/2016 c1 Amanda England
Yes I liked that. I to have a man who I have adopted as a Dad and I sent him a like a Dad to me card. I also adopted his wife as my Mum because I lost my parents while still a child so I can relate to Steve"s situation, as I do not have any family of my own.
6/19/2016 c1 Tony Robbertsen
Again a beautiful touchy story from your hand. You are so right Mike is as well a great father to Jeannie as well to Steve, who never had a real father.
But there was one thing that surprised me that both men could think so badly of Jeannie

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