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9/24 c55 Guest
I'm wondering what's in the letter? Lord zedd may be the worst of the worst in his day yet i won't put it pass him to try diplomacy when it's called for.
9/13 c55 2TheNecromancer0
I don't know if anyone else has asked this, but why does Harry not ask Tommy to join the Magi Rangers branch of the Morphing Grid? It sidesteps his loss in power by giving him a secondary source from a fraction of Harry's own magic he sacrificed, allows for the Dragonzord to be changed to allow for possible morphin with Hedwig and Padfoot, and allows for Kimberly to ignore the effects the excess power has on their relationship allowing for her to focus on other things
8/18 c55 Firejace
We need the next chapter
This is such a good story even if there is a bit contradictory
8/4 c1 demonboy121986
Not to mention you can't keep up with what you put, there is absolutely no way Rita could use the wand... FAILURE OF A STORY
8/4 c32 demonboy121986
Read up to this point and it WAS a good story till you pulled the "Let's fuck with Harry" card one to many times. Really... most probably don't want to read three long ass chapters like how once again Harry is treated like shit and needs to pull a rabbit out of his ass to be saved. or needs to act like some damsel in distress and be saved
7/22 c1 iacopo.passerini
7/10 c55 RiveraJ88
Great chapter
5/25 c31 BaddieDZ2
Upgraded from garbage pile to shit hole. Peace.
5/25 c19 BaddieDZ2
Um, sorry to burst your bubble, buddy, but Death already told him that he completed the set and so everything would ONLY WORK FOR HIM. Remember? That was part of chapter one, before he landed near Rita? No? Just me?
5/25 c20 BaddieDZ2
NO, it's NOT known as the Avada Kedavra! It's known as the Killing Curse ONLY. Avada Kedavra is just the fucking incantation! Stop with this fucking mindless bullshit you retards keep spewing
5/24 c2 BaddieDZ2
Damn, it's like you forgot that Death already said the Elder Wand won't work for anyone but HARRY. Already, this story has lost all its quality.
5/19 c20 2d8rkforcen1ght7
Wait. This reality's Pettigrew wasn't scum? No wonder Umbridge is supreme overlord and high toad of magical Britain.
5/19 c12 d8rkforcen1ght7
Just accio your bloody elder wand Harry!
5/16 c35 8Demigod4996
not all Toads. A pink one comes to mind
5/15 c55 newboy
Why doesn't harry just go to Angel groves park, or a nearby forest, and transfigure what he needs out of rocks and wood, both of which you can find plenty of in parks or forests. That would probably be a much better way of transfiguring a place to stay then anything else.
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