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for The Flame That Burns Brightest

3/6 c6 Guest
Hmmm interesting.
7/10/2017 c4 WeylandCorp 4
Love it! I hope you update soon!
7/5/2017 c4 7Steve993
An interesting story so far. I like the unique concept of setting it during Empire Strikes Back. Considering Han and company were travelling on their own it makes sense that they could stumble upon Middle Earth on their way to Cloud City and it will allow Luke to appear later on as third act reveal.

I'll admit I haven't read the books in years so all my memories of the LOTR come from the films and they are what I follow when writing crossovers into that universe of my own so I'm assuming some of the names and locations come from the books? Not lost or anything was just making sure.

I'm liking the character dynamics so far. You've gotten everyone right it sounds like to me and you do the banter well between Han and Leia and also 3PO.

I'll be curious though how long the original material lasts and when you'll start following the LOTR Story if this is a retelling of that story with Han and company sort of interrupting the story which could change canon which is how I view crossovers really not that it's a negative thing it's just how I would describe it realistically if it happened for real.

Anyway I think that's it for now but knowing me I've forgotten some stuff. Looking forward to more.
1/18/2017 c3 164Virodeil
Erm, well, I'm kinda dissatisfied that Boba Fett felt so... flippant, in killing people like that. He seems the type to kill when it's necessary - for information, for the bounty, because the killed tried to kill him first, but not because of the sheer enjoyment of it. I enjoyed Han's performance terribly, though, and felt sad that it might be the Falcon's last flight. I hope Luke got attracted there... but then, it could spell doom to Middle-earth too, if his obsessed dad tagged along, and - gods forbid - tangled up with Sauron. Darth Vader's good and wily enough, but Sauron's a lieutenant of Morgoth with vast power and resources of his own, and there's the One Ring to consider to...
I'm glad you updated. At first, it seemed a hopeless wait to see yet another update; and yet, here I am, with 2 more chapters to read. :) Thank you for writing, and I do hope you'll continue it.
Just a thought, though... I don't think Middle-earthians really know the concept of comets... After all, their concept of how the solar system came into being, plus the phenomena happening in the said solar system, would leave such modern people in a stupified silence... :grin: Gandalf's remark seemed to be the sort that we, as people living in the age of science, would say - such matter-of-fact tone about comets falling (or should we say, shooting stars?).
7/31/2016 c2 5Edgar H. Sutter
Neat story! Wonder what'll happen next? Will they meet with Gandalf? Or perhaps Elrond? And could the empire truly follow them there? I shudder to think what might happen if Vader or the Emperor got their hands on the ring! The galaxy would no doubt be done for! But still, can't wait to see where this story goes!
7/22/2016 c2 Ormazd
Whoa! Just found this story and may I say how intriguing I like it please continue this til it is completed we have very few that are good.
7/22/2016 c2 Anonymous
You are a better writer than you know please continue this and soon.
6/30/2016 c2 19Little Doctor
Keep typing, I'm reading. I really like where you're going with this.
6/20/2016 c1 18Zekariah C.L. Schron
Great beginning. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
6/20/2016 c1 6MonsterCupcake61176
I like this already! Star Wars and LOTR are two of my favorite things please update!

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