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12/23/2017 c9 1Ribke
Most popular Chancellor indeed! His life is so extraordinary and interesting, you could make a movie of it! Heck, a trilogy! Then you could make a prequel trilogy! Then even a sequel trilogy! And also a spinoff movie; it could be focused on a bunch of weird people who are sorta acquainted to Jag, or something and how they accomplish some... err, thing which was pretty important in the original trilogy, but no one was really asking how it got accomplished in the first place. But still, it's gonna make some BIG wads of moneys, let me tell ya!
12/8/2016 c9 3isaakfvkampfer
I will just reply both fics in this.

The first one is so cute. Sith family feelings. And Palps is pretty young there. At an age when the sociaty sees fit to raise children. Of course our dear Sith doesn't see it that way, but he raises them in a relatively normal way. Why do I see a Sith Anaki falling hopelessly in love with Padme latter and ruining everything the Grand Plan desires and Palpatine doesn't have the heart to punish him any more.

And the second one. OHHHHHHHHHHH! It's just like my headcanon where Palpatine isn't trained by Plagueis and he still taunts and rules the galaxy with his iron fists charmingly.

Like one of the commenter above says, I think it's better you post these fics seperately.
8/21/2016 c9 Guest
Wow! It was really a good AU, Palps really deserves a happy ending for once :)
(But you better be running, because this story will make him mad xD)
8/20/2016 c9 Ormolu
I loved it. You should put it in a separate story. Firstly, because it is too long for a collection. Secondly because it is so unusual. People deserve seeing a Sheev/Shmi Romance/whatever story with a happy ending and no Jedi Skywalkers. And it will look great on your profile. Finished med-length stories reflect well on you as a writer: clearly you can keep focus and pull through. Really. Go for it!
8/19/2016 c9 delightfully-so
Lovely! Writing laws, huh? Nice career next step, Chancellor.

Yoda. Hmm, it would be interesting to see them strike up some form of business partnership in this AU. The challenge here is that Palpatine just isn't sufficiently trained to be a threat to Yoda, so instead of co-opting by Force, maybe co-opting by wit / other means? Funny that Palpatine was running away from the green one instead.

Was hoping to see more of Palpatine and Bremé, but am happy to see that overprotective father in him. Such a family man.
8/19/2016 c9 61Celgress
This miniseries must be the most unique adventure old Palpatine has had yet on this site. All I can say is bravo. I bow (graciously) to the master.
8/19/2016 c9 10Lord Darth Yoda
This was a nice ending. :) Glad to see that Yoda at least was willing to keep a semiopen mind about the situation and Palps realizing he could've ended up way worse. I can see him passing away peacefully, content with where he ended up. I do find it funny, he sounded like he'd end up spoiling Leia while complaining about rougish Corellians she was dating.
8/19/2016 c9 38Brievel
Poor Shmi. :( And ah! Vokara Che! (Sp?)
I *hate* Yoda. -_- But at least he's less odious than usual, in that he's not siccing the entire Order on poor Sheev...
Yay Shmi! :D She just keeps getting better... and yes, the little green troll is probably obsessed with you.
Maybe? Maybe? ...*insert repeated headwalls here*
Idiots, indeed. It's ingrained into them. And only you could make wanting to take over the galaxy fluffy... o_0 xD "I love you, Sheev, no matter how hard you keeping trying to take over the galaxy." Absolutely priceless.
*Palpatine* *smiled* at *Padmé.* *goes into blank staring shock*
Awwwwwww, so fluffffyyyyyyyy! He loves Leia! :D
8/18/2016 c6 Silver Lady
Ahhh! Somehow I missed an entire paragraph of this, where their hands almost touch and they both feel that zap! How did I not see that before?!
8/12/2016 c8 ValentinaVix
This chapter was amazing! I can't wait for the next update
8/12/2016 c8 61Celgress
Sidious lives up to his name once again.
8/12/2016 c8 delightfully-so
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Beautiful chapter and beautiful writing! Amazing to see Palpy take the role of "tortured Ani who went over to the dark side to save his wife and kids". Amazing to see Shmi being the catalyst of his insurrection against Plageius and his claim to independence (yay! Never seen Shmi in this light before, and she is good!)

Stay alive, Sheev! You still have a wife and two kids to go home to. Your wife will kill you if you do. Don't die now!

Eagerly looking forward to the conclusion. Please post soon!
8/12/2016 c8 10Lord Darth Yoda
Palps did say he'd been manipulating Plageuis from the beginning in Legends. No reason he couldn't have pulled off nearly the same thing here. Glad he made the right decision in the end.
8/12/2016 c8 38Brievel

I *hate* Plagueis, hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him...
8/10/2016 c7 o
Well done.
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