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for Gundam Seed: The Federation

7/30 c41 xrail
Great Chapter. Cant wait to see where you take the story
7/29 c41 7flaxj
Wow Great Chapter. I really hope that the ending is great.
7/29 c41 KakeruPB
Damn! Nice fight. Still I thought would've been able to do more damage to legend with the added weaponry. However I have 1 question where did the second rifle shot hit when in full burst mode minus the cannons
7/29 c40 KakeruPB
All I can say is DAMN! Freedom got an overhaul. I like it! As for the justice interesting! Now do me a favor and blow my mind with Lacus and Tyler new suits!
7/29 c39 KakeruPB
No offense I still dnt think shin is better than Kira. it was more that the situation didnt allow Kira to focus on his fight
Thank you for update
7/16 c38 7ZAFT Prime
I have read your story and I like it a lot, namely with the Human Federation. :3 I love stories like these that have more of a third faction to balance out the others. :3 If you would like, check out my Gundam SEED: Divisions story, as it is similar, but with differences as well. :3
7/16 c38 3HolyDragoon
Hmmm... Durandal here kinda went for the idiot ball, unless he was counting on the discrepancies of the footage being forgotten with his naming of LOGOS as the culprit of everything.

A lot of people on the PLANTS that do have a general idea of how the Federation worked would find the fact that absolutely no Fed troops were around very strange, at least. If he showed just the grunt suits, leaving the impression that the Minerva did the hard work, it would be one thing, but nothing?

More than one person would realize something was rotten in the kingdom of the Coordinators.
Thank you for update
7/10 c37 10Just a Crazy-Man
Love. :)
7/9 c37 domon.ace
i wonder why fav n follow are so few...it is good story though, maybe advertisement factor? write another fanfic with more popular theme like naruto maybe n then advertise this one there? i mean seriously i dont get those people who keep saying that SEED n Destiny are the worst gundam series...i mean havent they watched G Reconquista or whatever the title? they keep saying one year war is the best, yes it is the first n thus many of the next series used similar plot however animation quality n mecha/ship/char design aside the other series have plenty of improvement when it comes to plot...many twist n turn they even went as far as 3 generations in AGE...some say that kira is too OP, well it is not that kira is too OP it is amuro that is too stupid in one year war, i mean he looks like an idiot in a cockpit during the early stages...as for the mecha as we can see in the newer series all big name mechas are equipped with similar tech be it GN drives or nuclear or phase shift or zero system, bla3 which explain why they are pretty much just as strong as the mc regardless of whether they are ally or foe...but how about RX? it is supposed to be special MS made of special alloy n tech yet even a no name pilot with regular zaku can overwhelm the gundam, really?
Thank you for update
5/26 c36 23Titanic X
I see. Well, that's a good start. :) Hope that at some point, the HF dumps the truth on the whole world, as well as revealing that the Logos members will try to manipulate the facts. :3
5/25 c36 10Just a Crazy-Man
5/25 c36 KakeruPB
The only thing I hope you don't do is make the Freedom destruction a cop out like in the original.
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