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5/16 c35 10Just a Crazy-Man
Love oh love. :)
5/10 c35 23Titanic X
Oh boy! I wonder what's gonna happen next. :3 Hope that the leader of the HF has something planned to shock the people into regaining their ideals of respecting children. :3
5/9 c35 KakeruPB
Nice chapter, and it's nice knowing what happen to everyone like Siegal and the aftermath of there stunt. Looks like we have the same taste when it comes to Lacus Kimono. It really does suit her well. Kira one lucky dude. It shows off her legs nicely. I also like the fact that Kira and the Freedom aren't seen in bad light here. It shows the changes nicely in this story but at the end did Tyler go SEED? Cause that's the only reason I can see when he practically massacre these fodder.
3/13 c34 2duked
A good chapter but the wedding was a little bit unrealistic since Orb was not in serious danger and has many allies.
Perhaps there could be the Jupiter colonies out there as a secret ally of the Human Federation. They could have given them their GN drives.
3/13 c34 KakeruPB
... Dude I don't what to say but WOW! LOL! That is awesome! I didn't expect you to actually start incorporating 00 tech, especially the Exia. I'll be honest when I say Exia is one my top 5 favorite gundams including 00. It's just a really good close quarters type and 00 is an even better all rounder type. Still I understand the development and reasons, and they are good ones that also make sense. Good job. Just Good job. Keep up this amazing piece of work you made and I can't wait til the next phase.

P.S. Where is Lacus suit? I thought it would've been in the same garage as Freedom.
P.S.S Lacus doesn't wear the Orb uniform. She prefer's to wear her Kimono in these type of situations. Especially a short Kimono in Destiny, my favorite one in fact since it really shows how much she's grown.
3/12 c34 23Titanic X
That's why I could see it being a serious revelation to snap them out of it. Because face it: I hate the way America is portrayed in SEED and SEED: Destiny.

Also, I like this chapter so far! :D Loved the revelation of the GN Drives. :3
3/6 c33 3Reishin Amara
fun fact...gene therapy is now a thing in real life...not SEED levels but yeah...
3/6 c33 Titanic X
I understand. But I feel it may be one of the only ways to snap America's people free of their disregard for the next generation. As for the parents, I'll respect your decision.
3/6 c33 2Ken Wise
I don't know who I'd rather be pursued by more, Sakura or a deviljho. Both seem like I have no chance of defeating and both hit like a 747. anyway good chapter man
2/27 c32 2duked
A great chapter again.
I think this Athrun should be much less naive than the one in the canon, since he has much more friends here. Therefore he should be able to see that the chairman isn't as good as he wants others to see him.
Besides you could try annoy the Alliance a little bit by making South America join the Federation.
2/15 c32 Titanic X
Hey. I was wondering if the HF would release footage of the Extended Project to the people of the AF, which would be a real shocker to them. It would show just how far America has fallen, and further sow the doubts that have been planted. And imagine the sheer fury that parents would feel when they found out their children were being treated as mere tools and objects by the monsters posing as human beings. And for some reason I could see Ellen shouting "This is not the work of human beings! This is the work of MONSTERS!", with heavy emphasis on the word 'monsters.'
2/11 c4 blahto
I see what you did there. Admiral Matilda Ajan, I hope she' s not piloting an aircraft else a Rick Dom destroys it. xD
2/11 c3 blahto
Damn you Le Croissant! I wonder if any of the 3 remaining "Federation" ships are tailing the Archangel.
2/11 c31 Titanic X
Sorry I was too lazy to log in. But I do hope the HF has plans to snap America out of this fascist and racist stance they have taken under LOGOs.
2/11 c31 duked
A great chapter again
But isn't the position of the Federation too close to that of Zaft. They can provide information but fighting with them could go too far. On the other hand they could say they were protecting their diplomatic delegation in the Plants.
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