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2/15 c32 Titanic X
Hey. I was wondering if the HF would release footage of the Extended Project to the people of the AF, which would be a real shocker to them. It would show just how far America has fallen, and further sow the doubts that have been planted. And imagine the sheer fury that parents would feel when they found out their children were being treated as mere tools and objects by the monsters posing as human beings. And for some reason I could see Ellen shouting "This is not the work of human beings! This is the work of MONSTERS!", with heavy emphasis on the word 'monsters.'
2/11 c4 blahto
I see what you did there. Admiral Matilda Ajan, I hope she' s not piloting an aircraft else a Rick Dom destroys it. xD
2/11 c3 blahto
Damn you Le Croissant! I wonder if any of the 3 remaining "Federation" ships are tailing the Archangel.
2/11 c31 Titanic X
Sorry I was too lazy to log in. But I do hope the HF has plans to snap America out of this fascist and racist stance they have taken under LOGOs.
2/11 c31 2duked
A great chapter again
But isn't the position of the Federation too close to that of Zaft. They can provide information but fighting with them could go too far. On the other hand they could say they were protecting their diplomatic delegation in the Plants.
2/10 c1 blahto
Awesome. I wonder if you' re going to include Astray and Stargazer .
PS: Have you played SD Gundam?
2/6 c30 2Ken Wise
I do enjoy this new shinn, but i'm salivating for the next chapter. How orb and the federation keeps the line of neutrality in the face of this war?
1/27 c29 Ken Wise
if anything thank you for not killing off the asukas. My biggest gripe against shinn's rant is that no one verbally backhands him over these long winded rants, especially cagalli.
1/27 c29 ChuChewy
I love the Sakura and Tyler interactions! Great chapter by the way! :D
1/24 c28 2duked
A very good chapter.
Perhaps Quatra could be the same rich young master as in the canon and perhaps the other characters from Gundam 00 and Wing could also make an appearance in the Federation military or administration.
1/24 c28 3Reishin Amara
U know scary thought, The ' Curve' beams,mixed with dragoons, accelerated beam net anyone?

Fun idea,two Destroy Gundam variants capable of interlocking into the gundam equivalent of a mini cybertron sphere ,hosting an Artemis umbrella and numerous gun batterys.(that may be fun to design actually...)
1/23 c28 KakeruPB
Nice, chapter. Liking the twist. Anyways now that I think about it why is Shinn with ZAFT? He didn't lose his family this time around. I would have expect him to join the Federation military instead. As for Cagalli, yeah she really isn't helping the situation. I also totally forgot tht Kira isn't anominous this time around. But yeah them being War Hero's isn't surprising. Although I thought Lacus would've been one aw well. Oh well.
1/23 c28 2Ken Wise
I'm surprised we didn't have Shinn's long drawn out rant against the Atthas in this phase.
1/23 c28 9flaxj
I hope that the PLANTS and the Federation would work together in the war.
1/16 c27 3Reishin Amara
Don't forget library works...I think that's the name...their group is bigger than Logos in some ways.
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