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8/28/2017 c1 26DatNuttyKid
This is cute. Nothing super groundbreaking but it was nice to read what was almost certainly going through Link's head throughout the fairly rushed opening to Breath of the Wild. He's probably 16 or 17 and wakes up with zero memories except a lady in his head telling him he's the hero of Hyrule. That's probably pretty confusing.

Great work!
2/25/2017 c1 17Bandicoot Sauce
A pretty good novelisation of the starting events. Sometimes a simple change of perspective can redefine even something that has been viewed so many times.
8/10/2016 c1 10jynxhasadragon
I really like it! I think you did a good job portraying what was going on in Link's head. Again, I really liked it!
6/24/2016 c1 minary
Surprised to see a fic about a game that's not released. lol. But this fic's so good!
6/20/2016 c1 ROFLCOPTER good!
6/20/2016 c1 26knowlee
Nice little ficlet about what we know about the game thus far. I enjoyed it. :)

As far as the only thing I noticed that may need to be worked on, I would say the opening sentence. Although I could understand what you were trying to say that Link woke up there, how it's worded doesn't make sense to me.

Other than that though, I see nothing else that really stood out to me.

Good job!

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