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4/3 c18 insanecoop
Verbal diarrhea splashed out over 18 chapter to an unfinished plot.
Don't bother, no seriously, don't.
You'll waste 5 hours on a washed up story like I just did and think, why did I bother.
2/15 c2 Guest
dropped... too much blah blah blah and its only ch 2
12/10/2023 c1 gshev120
With all due respect, what is bro yappin about. I was hoping this story would be great. It started out so strong. One of the best premises I've seen in the dxd fanfic realm. But after the rating game, what the fuck happened? Feels like half the story is just us reading about risers inner monologue and scheming. 50% of the time it makes no fucking sense and the other 50 its boring as hell. It feels like the chapters never make it past the rough draft stage before they are posted. Hell, not even past the outline. The plot is convoluted beyond my comprehension and it completely ruins it.
11/15/2023 c18 2000karma
anymore Yakitori updated?
11/4/2023 c18 nifahs
pls continue.
10/11/2023 c4 VamPyr00
Sorry, but that was just fucking dumb. Why is he doing the same shit as Canon Riser? That makes no sense at all. The world is already irrevocably changed, so there is no point at all in acting like that. He should have just called off the stupid engagement and ignored Rias and her peerage entirely. Everything about that situation is just an utter waste of time.

On another note, the fact that he was practically defeated by his own bishop, despite having such OP magic at his disposal, is pathetic.
10/11/2023 c3 VamPyr00
First off, incest is wincest :D.

Secondly, I really hope that the MC isn't actually trying to be with Rias. Who would want to be with a girl that so easily gives in to the whims of a pervert (like Issei)? She basically seduces him into doing whatever she wants by showing off her body...definitely not waifu material. She's kind of a fact, most of the girls from DxD are...

Also, I really hope the MC isn't always so scatter-brained... To use TIME MANIPULATION just to have an internal monologue is pretty dumb. I hope he can channel some of his insanity into making himself OP.

Finally, couldn't he just put himself to sleep with a spell? That should be like, really easy compared to time manipulation and teleportation.
10/11/2023 c2 VamPyr00
Pretty strange way to go about 'explaining' his new personality. Without any knowledge of Riser's life, he would have probably been better off going with partial memory loss or something. Nevertheless, this seems to have turned out alright, even if by sheer luck.

On another note, the magic system seems completely broken. I look forward to see how OP he can get in a short amount of time.
7/18/2023 c2 CMdkelley
So he is stuck with a peerage of weaklings who were originally handpicked to each fulfill a harem stereotype...
5/7/2023 c6 Guest
Your story is completely nonsensical, half of it is already just paragprahs of description of how beautiful a character is blah blah blah with repetition for each entrance of character , and poetic nonsense with no meaning but only redundant words for the sake of the illusion of something.
4/29/2023 c1 Guest
If he becomes powerful enough to surpass the dragon gods I’m going to get annoyed. Though this is obviously abandoned so not like it matter. Also his goal is in no way unique to his character seeing how every single setting like this is exactly the same of power hungry idiot MC who only cares about power because writers can’t be bothered to actually care about an actual story and character interactions.
4/23/2023 c14 GodsReader15
Shi is hella good.
3/7/2023 c2 1drkprince
iam not riser ! first thing to do call a family meeting! yeet
2/7/2023 c9 1Atlas8
Sigh. Seriously, it's crazy how much Author makes the phenex family all-powerful for the sake of plot. Well, it all makes sense with a single acronym attached to it: AU. Still, I never really fancied Rizer phenex as a protagonist and while his family as main supporting role is okay, their power (both political and literal) makes me cringe sometimes.

Anyway, this is just my personal opinion on things, so take it with a grain of salt.

I can't say this story is my kind of story. I think that's the main problem. I keep hoping it'll change or mend into what I like to read, but sadly that's not the case. Well, tough luck, me. Not every story is made for everyone.

This is a well written story, but I can't like it. I may or may not still finish it coz I don't have many good stories to read right now, but I am already giving up on enjoying it.
2/6/2023 c7 Atlas8
Definitely a great chapter writing-wise, but I still feel everything here is so pointless. Rias is hot, yes, but this version is still not worth all this trouble and BS. Meh, maybe if it were one of the better versions.

This one isn't worth all that effort.

Again, great Chapter, but I can't wait to get over Rias and the engagement/marriage BS.
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