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6/23/2016 c1 FDWojo
Okay, so let me start by saying that I'm not really a poetry person. However, I figured that I shouldn't always be isolating myself from that perspective. Thus my reading your three poems: RED NUMBERS, ALWAYS, and NO VICTORIES.

That being said, please forgive me for not writing three separate reviews instead of what I'm doing here: Writing all three into just one mega-review.

Overall, they were interesting and thought provoking. I'll admit that if it's poetry, I prefer it to rhyme (as your's does). The free-form stuff with no rythm to it seems pointless. It might as well be regular prose in that case. I realize some people might accuse me of liking doggerel, but I guess I prefer traditional style for poetry.

So, onto my thoughts...

In RED NUMBERS, I felt the most moved by the lines: "It is too late but we were trying; At least others will grow old..." The seemingly doomed conclusion to their trials seems so evident here.

In ALWAYS, I liked the lines that said: "Always there through joy and laughter, Sharing the anger and the tears, Weaving the stories for others to see," These lines so clearly showed the relationship they had, and Castle's (and Beckett's) loyalty to the other.

In NO VICTORIES, I felt that you did a good job with evocative and advanced language. It wasn't simplistic. For instance; "And every tear bears thousands more" summed up that feeling so well, and in just half a dozen words.

I realize that some would prefer their poetry to be ethereal and above it all. I prefer mine (what little I read) to be life-like (as well as death-like if need, at times). It has to make me feel something.

Overall, I thing you did a great job. It reminds me that there are (were?) many other moments during the series that deserved more that we viewers saw.

Thanks for three fun reads!


P.S. Why do you call it the "the third series"? Shouldn't it be the "the third season"?
6/21/2016 c1 57superlc529
There are no victories... only the battle. I could practically hear Montgomery reciting this instead. Nice job. :)

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