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10/20 c45 3Bronkwin2
I started reading this at chapter 24, now I have to go back and start at chapter 1. This is a truly fantastic story and I will love it even more when I fill in the missing gaps I have.
5/28 c45 13SparklingDust4612
I know its been 5 year since this story was completed, but I dont care XD
I have read this story and many more a couple of times already, as a guest and account holder both, but reviewing was the farthest thing from mind, but now I know how much the feedback means to authors as I check my inbox everyday waiting for reviews. So from now on, any story I read or re read will get reviewed at least once, so with that being said, here's what I wanna say:

This has been one of the best stories you have written and I am not just talking about the amazing plot and all. I loved the fact Eric was pinning after Tris too even if she was with Tobias, I love fourtris and eris a lot. Another thing I loved was the fact you portrayed Christina for being the b**** we know she is, she's a selfish good for nothing human excuse and a horrible horrible friend. no wonder I loved this.
Aside from Christina being a bitch, I found it kinda funny to see Will's wife's name being Stella XD I know there are many Stellas out there, but reading that name always makes me think its about me lol.

The plot was intriguing and I loved the development of fourtris relationship along with the strengthening of Tris' friendship with Lynn, I think they'd make one badass, unmessable duo. Four as a leader had been amazing too and everytime Max tried to piss Eric off, I would have a laughing fit. Andrew and Natalie have been amazing, honestly, the way they were with the three kids is how I always thought they should've been. Loved how close they all were. And I was snickering when Andrew gave Tobias advice about cold showers haha.

Once again, amazing story. Keep up the fabulous work, you're one of the best out there.

Stay safe and creative ;)
5/24 c35 SarahOlivier
I don't feel bad for Christina.
4/28 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
3/15 c36 9WiseGirlDivergence46
i loved it
3/15 c13 WiseGirlDivergence46
2/20 c36 lovenano44
THIS was an important and well written chapter. Tt would take time for Tobias to get over his dad
2/20 c31 lovenano44
I have been meaning to say how pleasing it is that you are portraying Christina as you are. It is frustrating that most authors have her as a great friend to TRIS but she is usually bossy and manipulative to TRIS and demands to know everything. YOU have done an EXCELLENT JOB WITH HER SO FAR
1/5 c45 JGABVX BvGJGHCfy yg
The Book Is So Cool !
10/15/2020 c37 sineoneontnee
I wonder what would be Uriah’s bigger fear: kitchen ran out of cake or cake being removed from the menu permanently.
8/31/2020 c45 Guest
I bet she changes her name to a shorter version that seems COMPLETLEY different that her birth name like Tris did or she is going to change her name to how many fears she has like Tobias did.
8/31/2020 c43 Guest
I knew Eris liked Tris.
It was so obvious.
8/31/2020 c42 Guest
Now I'm guessing we are back to figuring out the war?
8/31/2020 c41 Guest
I know I would hate that fear.
8/30/2020 c37 Guest
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