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for Project: Immortality

9/16/2018 c1 LouiB
Just reread this, and you honestly have such a talent for writing. Can’t wait till all the stories are complete
3/21/2017 c1 Rose
7/19/2016 c42 13xXxShonxXx
I binge read all 42 chapters only to be hit with a cliffhanger lol.
7/11/2016 c1 LevixEren101
I'm sorry in the last sentence of that last review I meant I never want this story to go uncompleted.
7/11/2016 c39 LevixEren101
I like this story. I loved how you used details from Resident Evil 6. Jake and sherry has always been one favorite relationships. One thing that surprised me was how you changed the age of Jake. To know that Jake is older in this story makes Jake better knowing that he not just a 24 year old person with a 30 year old woman. (2016 Resident Evil Timeline) So knowing that Jake is mature just as much as Sherry makes them a more compatible couple. I liked how you made Albert Wesker a clone and not use the stereo type that he's come back from the dead in most fanfics. Hope you update soon, I don't want this story to never be completed.
7/4/2016 c1 7Team Wingless
Jesus Christ. A 46k word chapter? Are you crazy? There are chapter break options on this site. Please use them, this really kinda ticked me off and I always try to leave nice reviews. I got a good page in a half in and was actually interested before I realized you'd posted an entire novel in one chapter. Please for the love of God go back and break it up, you don't even use line cuts. No wonder this has no reviews. I'm so sorry, again this really kinda upset me.

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