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for What's Past is Prologue

6/24/2016 c1 10EmbraceSadness
I love this! Such an interesting idea! Thank you for writing :D
6/24/2016 c1 32KashinaKairi
I love Jason Todd! And your last story was awesome and amazing. And I'm sure this one will be nothing short of spectacular. I'm looking forward to the coming updates. :)
6/23/2016 c1 4The Red Ghost22
All I can say is thank you for this, I thought any chance for a new decent Jason Todd fic, that wasn't slash was totally dead at this point, but you have proven me wrong here. I mean at least I hope this isn't slash, cause while it's fine and you can write whatever, that stuff just isn't for me, and it's totally over saturated. So you have earned yourself a fav/follow.
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