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for It's just like Jessie's girl!

6/6/2018 c2 Bev beltz
Hi Carol . I have just read , just like Jessie's girl again .i just love this finchel fic . Just enough angst , and knowing that finchel always survives . Can't wait for another finchel fic from my most favourite author .hugs xoxo .
4/5/2018 c1 Bev beltz
Hi Carol . I am rereading just like Jessie's girl , I so love this finchel fic so much .just wanted to to know .
9/18/2016 c3 5lefthandedrn
Just noticed that I had not read this final chapter. It was so good (except for that Stephanie part. Don't like wimpy Rachel). Thanks, my BFF.
9/12/2016 c3 Bev beltz
Well you out did you self again carol .so far I think it's just Jessie's girl is my most favorite fanfic of yours so far . I really do like all that I have read of yours so far though .i can't wait till your new ones sre here to read .talk at you soon .hugs xoxo.
9/9/2016 c3 7ames86
Finally had a chance to read this. It was lovely! Not sure how I felt about Stephanie being so mean to Rachel! But your Finchel is just so so sweet.
8/27/2016 c3 Guest
This story, like all your stories, was wonderful. I enjoyed every word and I hope that you will please keep on writing "Finchel".
8/23/2016 c3 melwas
Really enjoyed the story! So happy that there are still Finchel stories being written. I am fairly new to FanFic and love me some Finchel stories! Please keep on writing and "drumming"!
8/21/2016 c3 Kedzie3238
Wonderful as always. Looking forward to your new stories!
8/21/2016 c3 Amypilierfan123
aww no i didnt want this to end! :( but it was so good!

*Waits for your next Finchel story* :)
8/20/2016 c3 14khazrn43
Finntabulous as always. Had my heart racing for a minute
Honor the tether! Remember the drummer!
8/20/2016 c3 playtime2507
I finally got to catch up with this story. That cab ride in the previous chapter had me LMAO, And poor Finn missing the birth of his baby boy :( Great work! Looking forward to the next one!
8/20/2016 c3 Guest
Excellent writing as usual. But I honestly thought it very out of character for Finn to leave a pregnant Rachel for 15 months and miss the birth of his first born. I just don't see that happening.
8/19/2016 c3 noro
great ending to an awesome story great writing
8/19/2016 c3 guest
Always enjoy your stories. Glad to hear you have more in the works.
7/25/2016 c2 Amypilierfan123
Such a great update and dang i want to go to the casino with puck Lol he had good luck

*waits for chap 3*
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