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6/29/2019 c1 Guest
So Haru likes John right now? How does this affect her feelings for Baron? Did she forget her feelings or does her "love" for John trump Baron's. Hope we get to find out
12/3/2018 c14 Kohaku
I loved your history...please continue
11/18/2018 c14 10Sindy Sugar
Oh no, John actually did it! Well... with the way things are going and with Louise back, I guess this is a way to help "distract" Haru from her heartbreak, too bad she's forced to though. Eagerly await your next update!
5/15/2018 c13 James Birdsong
Good five chapters
5/7/2018 c13 Sindy Sugar
Oh no, John, honey! That's not the way to go! Gosh! This cliffhanger! Dx
5/7/2018 c1 3Jian Ng
Time for me to be a bother again: Final third paragraph, "...She had hurt you but...", I believe the 'she' should be a 'he'.

The suspense is killing me.
4/25/2018 c11 Jian Ng
Sorry to be a bother, but there is a little mistake in Chapter 11. The artisan did not take Baron when WW2 broke out, it was Shiro Nishi (owner of the antique shop) and Louise (yes, his lover's name was Louise). At least that's the case if you follow the Whisper of the Heart plot.

I have to say, things are already quite stirred up without Louise jumping into the fray, personally, I was torn between supporting Baron with Louise or with Haru. But I'm leaning towards Baron returning to Louise a little more. Nonetheless, I am intrigued and open to whichever path you have in mind.
4/24/2018 c11 10Sindy Sugar
Oh no... Louise is back... 'yippee'... great... I feel bad but, DAMN! WHY?! Now this love triangle has turned into a... love rectangle? Oh boy, just when I thought things with this love triangle couldn't get anymore tenser, still loving it. xD
Poor Haru, she's such a sweetheart, hope John can provide some comfort, since he knows what she's going through. Also hope Baron will have a moment to be honest with himself about Louise, I'm getting a feeling he isn't too thrilled she's back in his life under these circumstances. Can't wait for your next chapter!
3/24/2018 c8 3Jian Ng
I sure hope this goes on (please do), I'm loving it so far. Job well done, Origina!
2/23/2018 c8 10Sindy Sugar
Now that Baron knows about John's feelings wonder if this will somehow effect the way he interacts with Haru with John around? This rivalry is getting more and more juicy, keep it up! Excited to see what will happen in the next part!
11/26/2017 c8 James Birdsong
Good three chapters
11/24/2017 c7 Sindy Sugar
Omigosh, I can't get over the fluffiness between Baron and Haru in this chapter. I'm also in love with the love triangle between Baron, Haru, and John. Has me glued. xD
By the way, you're evil for leaving it at this cliffhanger. Naughty you. Ugh! Hyped for the next chapter and what will go on with the two gentlecats and Haru. Wondering if John will really take Haru away and especially wondering if that spell is really what that person (voice) claims it is. Look forward to your next chapter!
11/24/2017 c6 Sindy Sugar
I nearly dropped my phone when I got the notification you updated! So glad you're back! Ah... I'm still not sure if I'm fully trusting John, but I'm conflicted. All I know is I'm still loving this! xD
11/19/2016 c5 Sindy Sugar
Ooh, the plot thickens! Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/19/2016 c5 62starryeyes
Aww so good please update soon
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