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for Sailor Moon H: Half-Blood Prince

1/12 c18 7Crown Moon Child
Yup have to stop. I can’t do it anymore, it’s a great story but you revel in making the Sendai suffer too much. I’m done, hate this
1/12 c15 Crown Moon Child
Nooooo! I’m so tired of the knights being evil! Why?! If this keeps going the way I think it will I’m going to have to stop reading this. It’s great don’t get me wrong but it’s getting me too emotionally involved. I want Endymion to have his knights and not struggle against them, ugh I’m grinding my teeth. OF course one of them has to stay evil there can never just be some happiness for them can there
7/10/2020 c18 Amanda Payne
Eeeek! I'm dying! What happens next? This is probably he best Sailor Moon/Harry Potter cross I've ever read and I would truly love to read more!
5/1/2020 c18 8cko2
Nice to see an update to this story. Talk about some shit Michi has to go though to deal MR. Asshole just to free everyone and get back to the fight at the school. Thanks for sharing.
4/25/2020 c18 11LivininCorsets
Aieeeeeee! Welcome back! Loved the chapter! Stay safe and healthy!
3/17/2020 c1 Guest
Hi, I don't usually do the reviews to stories but this series is AMAZING! It combines my two favorite things perfectly. The way you write is so in depth and you can tell you've done alot of research into both sailor moon and harry potter. I've been waiting for an update and I know this review probably won't do anything but it's worth a shot. You are an amazing writer on all of your fanfiction, the way you weave the stories together is fantastic. I always come back once in a while to read and see if you continued writing. Thank you for reading my review, I hope everything is good!
2/17/2020 c17 1GodricGryffindor87
This Chapter was great! I hope that Neptune doesn't join the dark side and! I also hope that the miny Scouts make it there on time to save them! Please update soon!
8/27/2019 c17 39Tantei-Otaku-kun
I hoped that Mamoru returns...Or Harry found out or secret reveals.
4/30/2019 c4 Gryffinpuff
Is it weird that I now ship Setsuna and Snape–
3/28/2019 c17 11LivininCorsets
In the middle of moving so this was my first chance of being able to sit and read the whole thing since the revised chapter was published.

And yet another cliff you threw us off of- into a steel everlasting gorge
3/26/2019 c17 Guest
I hate to be a pain, but it looks like the formatting got messed up. ;-; I can't wait to read this chapter but it's a nightmare to read like this.
11/15/2018 c16 sat-ura-nep-plu-outers
This story is amazing! Please please update!
10/31/2018 c16 Sailor Nate
Please, PLEASE update. It's been 2 years. PLEASE
9/29/2018 c16 cleverpaws
This is wonderful!
I like your worldbuilding and you have a good handle on your character interactions
Thank you for posting!
8/29/2018 c16 7Miraculous Moons and Dragons
Umm, hey. This story is really good and all, but it ends on a cliffhanger like you said. I'm really awkward when writing reviews because I don't know what to write. The only complaint I have is that it's not finished. I have my theory on who is Endymion/Mamo~Chan. I believe it's Neville 'cause he thinks of her nickname that Mamo gave her: Usako. Also, they have many simalarities. That's just my guess though.
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