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for Sailor Moon H: Half-Blood Prince

7/17/2018 c1 Dat Random K-PoPchu
Hey it’s been awhile but when are you going to update my head started coming up with what will happen I was so bored.
1/9/2018 c16 3mckellepstephen
finally finished. great chapter as always! really looking forward to more. I also hope Zoisite Stabilizes. he is a bit of a mess ATM XP

got to wonder... do you plan to do a third with only having two chapters left and no closer to the chalice where Kunisite sleeps? be interesting if you do. settling down into waiting mode for more, might look up some amixzoisite to pass the time. GL
1/9/2018 c16 11LivininCorsets
What the hell! That ending...

Ok harry IS death then instead of master of death?

Hamish is having issues with his past incarnation...it is Hamish right? I was having issues keeping focus on the conversation...dang kids

Hotaru is having for lack of a better term identity crisis and harry is having to play big brother without knowing how to be a big brother. He seemed to struggle with helping her.

Is the elder wand supposed to be hotaru’s?

Wouldn’t a moon heeling bring out the horcrux and then scilence grave kill it without killing the vessel?
1/9/2018 c16 6Slices
Not going to give a long winded speech on hota great the chapter was, I will say one thing: thank you.

Slices out
1/9/2018 c16 3mckellepstephen
haven't read it yet, just wanna say super pumped and glad to see you back. was worried this was deadlooking forward to this
1/9/2018 c16 Scattered Kaleidoscope
Hope to see more soon!
12/8/2017 c15 7Eternal Cosmic Sailor Saturn
OMG I am LOVING your stories! I've been looking at and thinking about doing this sort of mashup myself and you've just blown my ideas way out of the water! This is fantastically well written and engaging and I love how long each chapter is! I cannot wait for the next instalment! :)
11/11/2017 c2 Kyle-0-Rin
Cool Chapter. I really like how where this story is going. All the build up is cool. It was sort of hard to push through it. Since it felt like the whole was mostly build up. And your chapters are really long. Thanks for putting a fight scene in here to liven it up a bit. Since the first Sailor H was the same length as an actual harry potter book, and I think this story might be just as long, I sort of hope that your other chapters will have more action in them. To up the pacing a bit.

Course thats probably a matter of personal preference. I bet that there are a lot of intelligent readers out there who prefer slow burns. And I know that you throw in some Wham chapters, and chapters that have a lot more action in them, but getting to those can be a little difficult. Like your story is big. Its epic in size and scope. You have like over 40 named characters up in here. And you've decided that instead of sticking to the books approach of focusing in on one main characters you're going to give a wider view of everything.

Normally that would put a strain on the narrative. But somehow you've done such an amazing job of fleshing out the world that you've sort of made the Shared HP and Sailor Moon world its own character. Which is cool and keeps the story together, gives you room to create the story you want while working with all those characters, but I'm assuming the trade off is that you don't have as much control over pace.

Rowling could speed up the story by speeding up what happened to Harry. But if You do something like that then you might end up leaving behind one of your 34 characters, or it might look like you're favoring one character over another, right? And I really don't know if thats something that can be fixed. Seems like a problem inherent in the system. Sorry that I can't like give you constructive criticism on it my dude.

On a more personal note this chapter really caught me off guard because suddenly Voldemort is a credible threat again. Wasn't expecting him to pull out ahead like that and I didn't expect things to get so dark so quick. And I want to say that it its always darkest before the dawn and that you'll make things all better but something tells me you'll drag this out for a while.

So, guess that I better wire in some light fluff reading every now and then. You have some lighter work right? If not thats cool too, i can just reread every cute Dog father Plus Harry moment and Outer family moment. I can work with that.

And another thing, I know that you're work is probably designed for people who have read both harry potter and sailor moon. But could you maybe throw in some more stuff to flesh out stuff from both series that we aren't naturally going to be familiar with. Like you don't have to force it in there. But if at any point you hit a writers block could you maybe have one character ask about some of the dark arts stuff, or what a star seed is.

I mean ya know. If nothing happening for once, could be a passing conversation thing. Like Hotaru: "There's some thing funny with your star seed (insert character name here)" Character 2 : " My star what now?"

Or, maybe it could come up some other way. Like yeah I know it'll only take me five seconds to wiki this stuff but like if you ever do a fluff chapter could you please humor us casuals that just came her for a good time.

You'll also be giving us some comfort too right? Just wondering, because it feels like a lot of authors on this sight will give characters tons of obstacles to bring out interesting story possibilities and forget to patch said characters up as the story continues. Which makes for good story telling but as a reader it can sort of take a toll on you.

Thats probably just another personal preference thing, but yeah some light at the end of this tunnel would be super chill.

Okay, and I was wondering about one other thing. The Term Umb*tch, I've seen that in a lot of fanfics. Thats an Harry Potter fan term right? Something that every one uses and all that. Something thats a key part of the fandom referencing part of this story and irreplaceable right?

But, if you write another sailor H series in the future. Do you think that maybe it could be something you could not use as much. Cause B*tch is starting to be reclaimed as a positive term. And I feel like at this point in time using that word on Umbridge is an insult to all the Bad Ass B*tch's out there that are killing it.

Or, maybe I should just keep my mouth shut on that. It's probably pretty misogynistic of me to tell a woman what words she can or can't use while tone policing her. Fuck, my bad.

Any ways this is a really good story with a really good chapter and it seems like most of its weaknesses are really trade offs you had to make. So I guess that what I really want is for more amazing writers in the Sailor moon / Harry potter category. So that we can see more approaches. And maybe even see a story that could equal yours while taking a radically different approach.

That'd be cool. Any ways thanks for the story dude. I really hope that your writing inspires more people to pick up writing.
11/8/2017 c2 Hmm
This story was interesting to a point,... up until this chapter. This chapter honestly really annoyed me, and the pacing of the story is also a key factor. You've literally done nothing but make Voldemort seem more powerful than he is, and give him victory over victory.

Yet the Senshi and the HP world just keep losing out. At this point in time, I've already given up trying to find out who Harry was in his "star seed" (a term you used ONCE, then never again). At this point, it feels like the HP cast is just there for you to use and abuse however you want.

Harry's more of a bitch in this story than he was in cannon, and let's not forget that Neville and Luna has gotten more stage time than anyone!

I'm also really annoyed that you pussified Pluto to this extent,... You've made her almost completely a POS character with shitty skills that can be circumvented with "wix" magic easier than most.
10/24/2017 c15 rebekahpsweatman81
Oh shit,did not see that coming. Can't wait for the next book
9/4/2017 c14 17Convergence-Eternal
This chapter was amazing!

I loved it so much. The dating scene with Neville and Usagi was so cute. When he blushed, and when they held hands, and when they kissed! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it!

Oh, also good job with the beginning and thanks for killing off some characters to keep up the stakes. I mean sorry that sounded dark. But thank you for making the deadly war actually deadly. Thank you for keeping us on our toes by changing things around from cannon.

Also thanks for adding in so much Humor. A lot of the parts in hear had me laughing. Like When Hotaru imagines Nannies running around. I liked the part where Fawkes lit up Slughorns hair. It was a real treat. Reading that was super cathartic.

Great job bringing the story around and quickly veering back into some Cannon plot points like Harry getting caught with the HPB potion book. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to plan this story out. You must have to deal with so much!

Good job handling all that. And thanks for writing this super awesome amazing chapter. Keep up the great work TheElephantInThePrideParade. You are amazing!
9/3/2017 c13 Convergence-Eternal
This was one heck of a chapter TEitPP.

Maybe the first 750 words were a little rough around the edges. But after that it just kept on ramping up in quality. it kept on delivering emotionally. It moved the plot forwards. it fired on all cylinders. Gave us some adorable precious moments, and it gave us on heck of a surprise at the end.

This was your struggle chapter. It was also, in my opinion, one of your finest. Thank you for writing it. Most of it was a emotional wind down after last chapter. And paradoxically, plot wise, it was a great wind up since it covered multiple locations and gave us a sweeping view of whats going on in the story.

So in a way it is the perfect compliment to chapter 12. RAB was a very focused chapter. Most of it was centered on the cave and the threats that they would face. Meanwhile chapter 13 covered so much. You covered so much. I am extremely impressed by your work.

You are a versatile author. You are an amazing author. Please keep on kicking butt while taking names. Oh, and good luck with your course work at Tufts. It sounds pretty tough. But I know that you can handle it. You got this!
9/2/2017 c12 Convergence-Eternal
So, this certainly was one heck of a chapter.

The scene at the lake and the nightmare and everything else was just so well done! I mean, you really know how to play our hearts like a violin. Fantastic job TEitPP!

This chapter must've been pretty hard to write. Thank you very much for persevering and writing it any ways. I mean, you must really like the Outers. So having them go through all of this pain couldn't have been easy.

Also I am really impressed by how long it felt. You were really able to stretch out the lake scene. Make it feel slow and torturous. What you did is very very impressive. You are a superb author and this chapter was excellent.

Smart move putting all that lighter stuff at the start. It really made the heavier emotional stuff hit that much harder. Also, good move hitting us over and over and over again to really show how much every one was hurting.

And, well, fantastic work as always. Great Work TEitPP! This chapter was like nothing else.
9/1/2017 c11 Convergence-Eternal
Howdy TheElephantInThePrideParade.

Sorry I haven't left a review in a while. No excuses.

Any ways, I freaking love how this story just starts with "Arsenal". Because that happens to be my dads favorite team. Or, well, favorite english premier league team. He also loves Celtic. Sorry, any ways I started off reading this story with a smile.

Thanks again for putting in little world building stuff like that. I mean, stuff that isn't needed for the plot but still helps you get immersed in the story. I think that you've really capture some of J.K. Rowlings magic. Because I want to visit this world through your stories. I mean, its just . . . you do an amazing job with world building. You just make everything seem so believable and expansive and I mean its just a huge load of fun to read your stories.


Also, I don't know if it was in the cannon (that one problem with reading your stories. You do such an amazing job that its hard to tell whether something was in the source material) but I found the idea that they would think that Harry could end up being another dark wizard to be interesting.

I guess it sort of reminds me of all the Dark!Harry stories out there. I mean, I guess that fate can be a fickle thing. And rumor's do travel quickly.

And . . . what a second. Sacred 28. Thats something from Pottermore, right? Guess that I'm way behind on my harry potter stuff. Great Fan Bonus TEitPP.

Also I really admire the way that you're comfortable with putting stuff in a story. Like, Hogsmeade being an hours walk away from the nearest muggle road. I mean I think thats admirable.

Then again I'm just a coward. I'm terrified of accidentally violating peoples head cannons. But you, you create your stories with such confidence.

Good job being so confident.

Oh, also I should probably admit that I might have smirked a bit when Setsuna was dealing with Megumi's refusal. I'm sorry I know thats terrible. Especially given the context, and the stakes, and I know that Setsuna isn't happy about Megumi's "childish" behavior.

But- okay it's really immature of me to enjoy that. I guess that it was just really Cathartic for her to deal with that Timey Wimey Bullshit from another Time Guardian.

Sorry, I know thats terrible. sorry.

Oh I also that it was really smart of you to highlight just how frustrating muggle travel would be to Setsuna after she'd gotten used to the magical world. sorry, I just love all the little details you put in your stories.

Also I liked the intelligence exchange they had with Luna and Artemis. Thanks for keeping them in the story. Thanks for giving all the characters their fair share of attention. That is quite an accomplishment. I mean, there are so many characters in this story. I really don't know how you keep track of all of them.

And the Mahoutokoro stuff was interesting.

Oh, great job on getting Luna and Artemis right too. They might be supporting characters, but they are important supporting characters. AND YOUR STORIES ARE AMAZING, they are better then cannon. I mean at least representation wise. You write Michuru better then Naoko Writes michuru and unlike J.K. Rowling you include a realistic amount of queer representation in the Wizarding world.

Thanks for doing the TEitPP.

On top of that you really know how to flesh out your awesome OC's without distracting us from the story. The stuff we learned about Avery this chapter during the Joke shop scene was riveting, Stebbins talk with Olivander led to a farther intriguing proposition, and Hestia is a cinnamon bun. Also Ida is a bad ass.

Then theres what Setsuna says at the end. Well, I can't wait to read the next chapter! The Senshi and Co get to ride on a boat! And they get to visit a lake inside a cave. This sounds so exciting!

Thank you for writing this amazing stories. Keep up the great work TEitPP!
8/3/2017 c15 30Lost child of Gallifrey
Wow just wow this is so good
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