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for Sailor Moon H: Half-Blood Prince

2/14/2017 c13 3Duncan0Idaho
Ok, I am getting a bit tired of this, so far the bad guys have the absolute upper hand, no matter what the good guys do, the bad guys _always_ get the best of them, I can't recall any recent victories here and that is annoying. A good piece of writing should have balance, so the good guys should get a couple victories to at least make things more interesting. Because as it looks so far, Voldemort keeps amassing power and influence, every attempt the Senshi perform is doomed to fail and nothing they do or try to will be met with success.

Tbh, it's getting to the point where I wonder what's the point of all. Sure the struggle is half what makes things interesting, but you shouldn't keep stringing us in this manner. Give the good guys an advantage, make it so they managed to give a black eye to Voldypants.
2/14/2017 c13 6Slices
I am feeling hollow right now because I know that the next chapter is still ways away .

Wonderful chapter, and as always you keep me at the edge of my seat. Looking forward to your next update.

Slices out
2/13/2017 c13 11LivininCorsets
How the hell did dung get the horcrux! Damnit kretchure! That is one house elf I wouldn't mind turning into crup food.
1/7/2017 c12 xxxLeanniexxx
Well that was certainly an intense chapter. Seen at the lake was frightening in the extreme. And Sirius's emotions will be all over the place as he has just learned of the tragic tale of his brothers death. There is also the issue that Regulus Black died a hero and no one ever knew of the great sacrifice he made.

The conundrum presented now is how to destroy a Horcrux without destroying the one who lives within the gem. I think that The silver crystal is probably going to have to be used or or maybe a new solution will be found. I also wonder if as the sword of Godric contained soul of his Son that it might be able to just target and destroy the Horcrux without destroying Zoesite.

Lots of speculation as to how to solve this dilemma. Please update soon.
1/2/2017 c12 saebest
Since the outers hold a very special place in my heart, this chapter was soooo stressful omg. You really did an amazing job writing this; I wish I could find the words to explain it. The Michiru bit was unbelievably emotional. I was very anxious reading it. My only tiny complain is that I didn't notice Hotaru in Setsuna's nightmare, but I might've just missed it LOL. Plus it's a minor thing so it's all good. The fact that a death water was there and left her in the way they did is extremely creepy in itself. I also really loved how Haruka was here, 100% in character. Well - Everyone was! Especially that bit about Michiru teasing Haruka even though it's very dangerous. And how she demanded Haruka afterwards was also very in character. It's late at night so this review is all over the place and probably messed up a little haha... Overall point is that I really loved this chapter.
12/31/2016 c9 david.teague.3950
I've finally gotten back to reading this, I kind of regret not doing so(I really hate long chapters, don't even remember why I stopped I know it was after chapter two came out so I really don't know why I did.) sooner. I am now nervous about my hopes in regard to Harry...well actually not entirely. Harry does the Dursley's gardens but it doesn't go into detail of whether or not he likes doing so, Neville however loves working in gardens and Herbology is his favorite class. With Endymion creating that rose bush you create the possibility of Neville being Endymion. Though I am curious as to what your plans for the Heritage Potion is for, though it's possible it's for the White Wizard, possible it could also be used to try and find Endymion.
12/22/2016 c12 7cko2
Nice chapter. Found the next dead genral. Have to figure out to get him out from being help by molidy shorts now. Talk about some series tense stuff this chapter. Wonder what hit sats to ko her and put her into her office?
12/22/2016 c12 6Slices
And now I need chapter 13...

Why do you always do this to us?

Slices out
12/22/2016 c12 7Taeniaea
Very Cool Chapter and Oh hell NO ... poor Zoicite how are they going to be that mess without breaking the gem.:(
12/22/2016 c12 11LivininCorsets
The second general will be found next chapter yes? And the slytherin General will be (I'm guessing here) Draco- that would be funny as hell!
12/17/2016 c11 1harlequin320
nice chapter, keep up the good work
12/16/2016 c11 xxxLeanniexxx
Oh my oh my!

I really want to know what this Japanese wizard is up to ! It's also going to be more difficult if he's studied the Senshi!

Weren't the cliffs of Dover the locket Horcrux ?

So exciting !

More soon please
12/11/2016 c11 11LivininCorsets
Got a random question- what would happen if crookshanks met Diana...another red butler/Luna episode maybe lol. You never did say where she was. Then again she keeps court with the chibisenshi

I'm still trying to figure out how Harry and hotaru are related (lack of a better word). And how usagi and nevlle's relationship will develop
12/11/2016 c11 6Slices
What a ride you put me through this chapter, I hope the next one is coming soon.

Slices out
12/10/2016 c10 Severus PRINCE
Ok is it bad that I missed the 'he' towards the end and thought 'S.P.' could be a future or past Setsuna for some reason then I re-read for clues and felt like an idiot...
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