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for Sailor Moon H: Half-Blood Prince

7/14/2016 c3 HaywireEagle
With the first 'book' I was rather interested in seeing how things developed. Only to be continually disappointed as the story 'progressed' and kind wnet nowhere kind of quick. Plus, it has gotten to be more than a touch boring as well.
7/14/2016 c3 11LivininCorsets
Well you did say someone looses a hand. And the girls are back- wonder what usagi's parents think of her doing better in a birding school half way across the world than in school in Japan.

Yes Pokemon go is taking over all of our lives
7/8/2016 c2 1harlequin320
very interesting chapter, keep up the good work
7/7/2016 c1 Guest
I am loving this series so far! Quick question: Does Michiru speak Parseltongue?
7/7/2016 c2 7cko2
Intresting to say the least. Have to wonder what old emeny of the scouts moilyshorts dug up in the white robes?
Nice chapter, can not wait to see what comes of the other genrals showing up. Hw did saturns dad surive the story in the first place when all broke loose with the school and then the outers raised saturn. Then how did she go back to living with him in the firstbplace?
7/7/2016 c2 xxxLeanniexxx
So unknown enemy in white, more casualties and confusion and Hermione and Ginny becoming more badass.

Also I love Morgana.

More soon please
7/6/2016 c2 david.teague.3950
Quite the chapter Pride, though there was something I found amusing right after the first Weasely's Wizard Wheezes scene when you announced that there were Vampires attacking. You know how when you make a scene break for this story you use SMH? Well you kind of put "Age of Aquarius" for a scene break. Course for all I know that could have been deliberate, personally I think that who or whatever is blocking Setsuna's power of time gazing is actually the dude in white rather than anything Trixie can do, though she is as cunning as she is crazy and twisted.
7/6/2016 c2 6Slices
Finally! I have been waiting for this chapter what felt like forever! Wonderful work as always.

One question though, is the man in white someone we know? Because he feels familiar.

Slices out
7/6/2016 c2 3The Richmaster
This was a great chapter; I particularly liked the way you showed the conflict in ideals between Setsuna and Dumbledore, though it felt almost like the latter was trying to convince himself there.
And the argument between Fred and Molly had a similar tone to it.
The part with Harry and Hotaru was good too, I'm enjoying their friendship.
(out of curiosity, why hasn't anyone done anything about Walburga's painting? I mean I can understand not taking out the part of the wall she's on since it might be lode-bearing but couldn't they just put sonething in front of her and silence charm it?)

Looking to the next update.
7/6/2016 c2 11LivininCorsets
Chances dr tomoe isn't dead but under the imperio?

Now I have a theory on one of the chibi senshi- one is Fred and morgana's daughter...it will be one way for Molly to get off the couple's back...if she finds that out. Unfortunately the only time when she can tell the difference between her twins is when George looses an ear- which probably won't happen (or will happen differently) since Harry no longer lives on privit drive.

Are there fixed points that setsuna cannot change?
7/5/2016 c2 2Mangahero18
I was hoping Harry would be revealed to be Mamoru by now and we could have some fluffy romance...but so far Harry has done nothing...he has literally be relegated to side character status and it disappoints me deeply.
7/5/2016 c1 Mangahero18
Pairing Remus and Sirius MIGHT be taking the same sex pairings a little too far. Not every other couple has to be a gay one and not everyone needs to be in a relationship. I think Sirius and Remus are better off just being friends. If you do decide to pair them I will skip past any scenes mentioning it because the idea of two old dudes together grosses me out.
7/5/2016 c1 Alex dcr
I love this fic. When will chapter 2 be realised cause I read the prequel and loved it and you started it again just as good. Can't wait to read the rest :)
6/30/2016 c1 Nobody Smurf
"The best Aurors in the world." Aurors, and magical girls, and martial artists. Anything goes. The JSDF aren't slouches, either.
This line reminded me of a Ranma fic (I can't remember the name) where Happosai raided Menzobaranzan. Their retaliatory invasion discovered that /every/ anime and manga set in modern Tokyo was true, and the JSDF had to maintain order with all of that. Shortest offensive of all time.

They should have listened to Hotaru. While she wasn't exactly correct, Evil does take vacations, they tend to be working ones.

Thank you.
6/30/2016 c1 trm
Great start,, though I do wonder whether Ginny or the Sailors might be able to sense/recognise the Locket for what it is and what the effects of it being a Horcrux might be
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