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for Sailor Moon H: Half-Blood Prince

6/28/2016 c1 3Deathmvp
Great use of the letters to advance this chapter.

Cliff endings are to over used in storys.
6/28/2016 c1 3The Richmaster
This was a really interesting start to the next year; my favourite parts of the chapters were the letters, with the way they give insight into the characters' thoughts and relationships with the recipient.
6/28/2016 c1 aliestrikehero
What a dreadfully evil move, ending the first chapter on a cliffhanger, you cad!

But any way I'm glad the sequel is out and will be following it.
6/27/2016 c1 Roxypockets1
The three new characters haven't been introduced yet right? I adore the last ones, so I'm all for getting new ones in this book too. I'm so excited to read them! :D

Also, that birthday party was amazing! I love how it perfectly captures that same magic in the celebrations from all of JK's books. Also, I wish I was there. That insta-photo shirt of Sirius's is genius! I love the creativity in these books!

And Ginny as a knight is perfect, she's so spunky, it's a spectacular match. I also adore the special friendship between Harry and Hotaru. And, and, Snape and Setsuna! I think I'm in love! Though I can't really see Sirius and Remus as a couple, and I like the original them as a hassle free, tight bromance instead of full on romance but that's just me.

Anyway, I'm so incredibly excited for this book! I gobble these chapters up like no other. Thank you again for another marvelous addition!
6/27/2016 c1 xxxLeanniexxx
Oh no no no ! You can't leave it there! Please update soon
6/26/2016 c1 aurora301
I really love your story and I cant wait till the next chapter. The OCs are a good idea and they will help you to develop your characters. My hope is that you do something good to Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, they are my favourite characters in HP. I know, they are not the nicest persons, but they are not bad people.
6/26/2016 c1 7cko2
intresting new story and someone is going to be in big trouble with hotaru in englad before she should have been. nice chapter and can nnot wait to see where this story arc os going to and who the other genrals are going to turn out to be. would be amusing to see if luna is netlete, would make ssencs with them both being out there a little bit for seeing other ways.
thanks for sharing.
6/25/2016 c1 2Evangeline11
I had just finished reading your first fic yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw you had posted earlier than posted? As I loved your OCs from the lat one, I don't see why your newest ones would be any different. You structure them well and actually have some character development with them as well. As for this first chapter, it was was brilliant. I'm curious as to Minakos and Usagis grades, but I guess that will be revealed later on. Making Remus and Sirius a couple is an interesting twist. As both are deceased in canon I wonder how you will play that out later on. Guessing no more Teddy? The ending has me guessing that something awful happened to Hotaru and her friends and/or her father. Possibly killed by Death Eaters? The story is starting to get dark quick, but that is the way of it.
I look forward to an update from you. :)
6/25/2016 c1 3Bananarock509
Oh wow, why? A cliffhanger is so horribly mean! Glad your back! When I saw this uploaded I was so excited!
6/25/2016 c1 chaoticmelodious
I'm not even gonna lie: I saw this and squeed super loudly. I cannot wait to see how this goes. and the OC thing? I'm perfectly fine with a healthy does of OC in a store
6/25/2016 c1 11LivininCorsets
I thought you weren't going to post till Harry's birthday? Well best surprise ever! Lol.

I can't wait to see how hotaru-chan is connected to all this- since that would make 8 horcruxes- and here I thought 7 was over kill.

You mentioned at chibiusa does that mean she will pop in? (As a first year) with the asteroid scouts.

I will let you know how your OCs do and of they feel forced or feel like they take over. So far the ones you have written were well done so I'm not too worried.

Does this mean the other three generals are OCs or are they still canon characters? What are the chances Malfoy is kuzunite?
6/25/2016 c1 6Slices
So far wonderful as always, I will be waiting impatiently for your next update.

Slices out
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