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7/19/2016 c5 21coveredinbees14
Evil Blink! Love it - all these stories are just what I needed :) Reminds me of the part in The Muppets with the 'maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh" Great stories!
7/13/2016 c5 biankies
Okay... Skittery I think we can come out now. Anjion will protect us from the scary Evil Blink...

This was great! Thanks for sharing!
7/9/2016 c4 biankies
Thanks for the update. It was as fun as always...
7/7/2016 c3 biankies
I love this! And yeah there is never an excuse not to sing along with the newsies.
7/2/2016 c3 14The Deepest Wells
Newsies watching "Newsies" . . . O.o I'm in!
7/2/2016 c2 The Deepest Wells
:D "Nothing can scare me now . . ." I think he sealed his own fate with that one.
7/2/2016 c1 The Deepest Wells
Oh, heavens. XD I can only imagine how insane it would be to house the newsies . . .
6/27/2016 c3 60Thepopcornpup
Aww, this was cute! I am most definitely the friend who has to be told not to sing along during Disney movies. I mean, I know them all by heart! Very nice!
P.S. The movies were:
1. Aladdin
2. The Lion King
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Hmm...not sure I know this one...(haha, it's Newsies)
6/25/2016 c2 Thepopcornpup
Haha, these were both great! I am much like Jack and Skittery when it comes to horror movies...dark comedies, I can handle, though. The Olaf appearance was hilarious. Great job!
6/25/2016 c2 6Jean-Moddalle
okay, they where funny. got a good laugh.

Salut JM
6/25/2016 c2 biankies
I loved it! Thanks for sharing! Keep 'em coming...

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