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4/10/2019 c31 Guest
There is another reason for Jason to be annoyed: Long patrols seem to not affect Dick at all. He wakes up the next day, full of vim and vigour!
4/10/2019 c31 35ScribeofHeroes
LOL. Dick would so do that and the next Robin would do that to prove he could too. Personally I think pulling that off burns as many calories as taking the stairs and puts wear on more joints and muscles, but Robins would so do that.

Take note though audience, only Robins and Batgirls should do that. Do not try at home. :)

This chapter made me smile! Thank you! :D

God Bless
6/19/2018 c20 TeelanaFalcao
Ainda aqui. :D Capítulo curto, mas incrível como sempre.
6/18/2018 c30 15RoseVered
Beautiful. Thank you.
12/17/2017 c29 43BenRG
A good butler always knows his charges needs and wants at any time. The only difference for Alfred is that /nature/ of his family's working lives.
12/16/2017 c29 2jodyowl11
Made me think how hilarious it would be to be an outsider and have no idea who Agent A was. He must sound so cool and all knowing and like who the Hek bosses around batman
11/24/2017 c28 44M1ssUnd3rst4nd1ng
I am so in love with every single one of these! You are fantastic!
10/29/2017 c28 2jodyowl11
I love how you mentioned that Gordon probably knew all along
Cuz honestly sometimes he doesn't get enough credit :)
10/28/2017 c28 43BenRG
Oddly enough, I can see Commissioner Gordon would be more worried about Dick being a beat cop in Blüdhaven. He knows how dangerous it is to wear the silver badge in a corrupt city better than most.
7/18/2017 c27 35ScribeofHeroes
Good catch by Stephanie and good description of the Batfam! :)

God Bless
7/18/2017 c27 15RoseVered
Nice, I needed my smile back on my face
7/18/2017 c27 43BenRG
"Look, ass, you may have missed it but we're the ones who SAVE this city. On a regular basis and at the risk of our lives!"

"Ease down, Spoiler; this one isn't worth your time."

"Sorry, Batman."

"As for you: If I find that you have given even ONE piece of criminal scum hope and comfort by your thoughtless rant, I will make it my business to find you and I will rededicate the rest of my life to making the rest of YOUR life a LIVING HELL. Understood?"

"U... U... Un... Understood, sir!"

"Good. Now, get out of My City and never let me see your worthless face again."
7/18/2017 c25 BenRG
In so many ways, Bruce is a cultural throw-back to an earlier cultural time, when knights trained their sons in the Code of Chivalry and the Arts of War and no-one blinked an eye. It was what fathers did with sons, after all. He never INTENDED to train Dick, Babs, Jason, Tim, Steph, Cassie and Damien to be fellow warriors in the war against crime he had started but it happened anyway. He's just that inspirational a man.
7/18/2017 c24 BenRG
The lesson? Don't look a gift Bat in the mouth.
7/18/2017 c23 BenRG
I've always liked the JL cartoon episode where you see the Bat Clan as the Gotham Resistance of the Nazi-dominated alternate universe ruled by Vandal Savage. It's interesting that you see Dick and Babs together and it's implied that this timeline's Bruce is in a relationship with Selina. I think that's the part that upset Diana the most.

That said, yeah, no matter what 'what' or 'if' it is, you'll always find Bruce Wayne, or some form thereof, at the centre of the fight, holding out and winning even after those thousands of times more powerful have been swept aside.
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