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9/3/2016 c10 22Mermain123
well this doesn't sound good. roman has absorbed 7 human souls. he just became a god...what's going to happen with that...
8/27/2016 c9 101Nora Mutao Frost
Already! Can't they get a moments peace?!

Keep going. This is getting good.
8/21/2016 c8 5n0t0k

Sorry, let me try again.

I wasn't planning on reviewing today since I just sent you a review.
But then I read this and now I can't stop screaming internally.

Why?! Why do authors love to torture us with such well placed cliff hangers?!

Anyway, review:
When Roman was upset at being Sans in the play I, as well as everyone I'm pretty sure, wanted to tell Roman of how cool his dad was. I wanted to tell him about all the crazy stuff that happened and what he and Frisk survived and suffered through together in 'Remedy.'
I waited for Frisk to explain the real story but was disappointed… why didn't she tell them what really happened?
This question was bothering me until I remembered that Roman and Vivaldi are just kids and their parents are probably waiting till they are older to tell them the real story. I would do that too.

But now- Frisk is dying! AaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaAaaAah!
Shot twice! What are the chances she'll survive?!
Pretty slim, but maybe she (or Roman since he can see the save point) will crawl her way to the save point before dying so she doesn't end up in the UNDERGROUND with everything she and Sans have accomplished ERASED including THOSE PRECIOUS KIDS!

It's okay, I'm okay. Everything is going to be fine… right?
I just have to curl under my covers in a futile position and wait for you to post the next chapter…
Oh dear.

Thanks for this great chapter and it's excellent but tormenting cliffhanger (I hate and love cliffhangers so much).
8/21/2016 c5 n0t0k
These kiddies are just so sweet!

That's what me and my siblings used to try to do for mothers day! We'd all make cards and argue about who would get what job when making breakfast. I always ended up with getting mom the juice, utensils, napkin, and plate. But I liked complicating my task by trying to set up the tray as aesthetic as possible.
Thanks for inadvertently bringing back sweet memories. *sigh* )

Anyway, I'm new to your story (just found you and so far loving everything you write) and I love it. I decided to start my reviewing on this chapter, not the one I just finished reading, because you asked a question at the end which I will be answering… but after the review!

This is a great story which I love more because it follows after your 'Remedy' story.
When I first started I hadn't read that beautiful and touching tale (just to let you know, 'Remedy' is a wonderful masterpiece!) so I didn't get just how close Sans and Frisk were or what they meant to each other.
After reading 'Remedy' it was like everything clicked and now I'm gobbling up each chapter not only to see how these two adorable children grow and develop (physically and mentally) but also to experience the happy ending that Frisk and Sans struggled so hard (so very, very hard) to get.

Roman is quite the character and I think you did really well creating this OC. He really feels like part of the family and your take on Undertale wouldn't be complete without him.
Vivaldi is also a well developed OC. She's so sweet and I love her relationship with her brother. He's such a good big brother and she deserves him just as he deserves her (I say this in a good way).

Okay, I don't want to write too much more (not like I wrote a lot already, right?) so for now that's my review… but there will be more as I read and you post… lots more I'm sure.

So now I'm going to answer the question you asked us about fluff vs drama.
To tell the truth I like both. If everything was drama I'd get frustrated. If everything was fluff I'd get bored.
I need both the fluff and drama to create a happy medium. I like seriousness but can't handle it all the time which is where I need fluff.
So far your other Undertale stories have leaned more toward the serious, but they also had some fluffy parts.
This story definitely is more fluffy but I do appreciate the seriousness you can bring into it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't just go one way or the other, your story has been a healthy mix of both and I like it.

So ta ta for now and thanks for writing this story… right now I'm just about to start the 'Fight' chapter which sounds interesting.
P.S. 'Wedding' chapter was absolutely beautiful. I like the idea of bride and groom walking opposite isles toward each other to meet at the alter. That would require a lot of space, though.
8/20/2016 c8 101Nora Mutao Frost
Oh no! Keep going I would love to read more!
8/20/2016 c8 Loyal Fan
Wait a minute...
If the bullet went through the small of her back, which to my knowledge is at around your stomach level. So unless the murderer shot her at a VERY weird angle, why could she feel her blood on her chest, when the wound is in her lower back?
8/20/2016 c8 Loyal Fan
That was unexpected...
I don't know weather it's actually going to happen, but I see a long battle, or a lot of loading in the future...
Either way, I can't wait to see!
8/20/2016 c8 Mandy S
Don't I know it. Good chapter.
8/20/2016 c8 1luna sage
You can't leave me on this cliffhanger, what O.O noooo you have only just uploaded but I need the next chapter now! Omg amazing writing as always. Seriously looking forward to the next chapter now :)
8/16/2016 c7 OTP SansxFrisk
Oh. My. Word. This chapter was amazing! I love the protectiveness that Roman has over everyone. Its so cute (and kinda dangerous at the same time buuuuut it's still cute!).

Principal Buttface: This is not your decision! I am the principal!
Frisk: You are replace able. (Walks out)
Me: :O Ooooooooooooooooooh! Buuuuuuuurn! You tell him, Frisk!
My sister: What the heck are you reading?

So excited for the next chapter!
8/13/2016 c7 luna sage
Omg love this so much can't wait for next chapter :)
8/1/2016 c6 38XxFearTheFluffxX
AWW! That was absolutely beautiful! I think I might cry. :3
7/30/2016 c6 176Firehedgehog
7/29/2016 c5 1SleepyMangaHead
I prefer to read dramatic fluff.

I read a funny Undertale comic strip not to long ago about the unanswered question:
Person: Are you a he or a she?
Person: But are you a boy or a girl?
Frisk: I'm a kid.
Person: No, what's in your pants?
7/25/2016 c5 OTP SansxFrisk
This. Is. So. Cute! I love this story! I like the fluff parts! (Just saying.) ;)
I can't wait for the next chapter!
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