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7/18/2019 c1 Guest
jaja judi es super cristal pero cuando quiere tender una treta jaja puede conpetir con un astuto zorro
4/17/2018 c1 Guest
jajaa pobre judi teniendo que ser escudo sudando y todo
8/6/2016 c1 mamallean
After reading 'All In', I just noticed that I never given you any reviews for your other fic's... Well then, lets change that./ Even though you only talked about his meeting with her family a little bit, I really want to know what happened between them, or maybe a follow-up meeting where they are more accepting? Since from what you have told us, is that it was pretty bittersweet, but we don't really know HOW bad it really was./ And Nick Wilde's Mother IS canon, it's just we don't know her name nor what she looks like,(if that's what you mean) and Rose is a great name without a doubt./ Rose and Judy's confession and the tears they shed with each other, was very emotional, I had some good tears to shed with them. And; Rose understanding that he still holds secrets, and that he is torn up about it is so amazing. Along with; how you were able to convey about how much Rose loves her son and her opening up to Judy, and them wanting to support each other, all for the Fox they love is... Indescribably powerful. I don't believe I have ever seen an alliance between them 2 before, until now./ I haven't really seen many Fic's (especially a one-shot!) that focus so much on Nick's mom, and this has got to be my all time favorite version of her./ Lastly; I can totally see Judy being an open book, and that she wears her heart on her sleeve, but that she is oblivious to a lot of things, until it's right in front of her. (Granted, the way how you handle Judy realization of her emotions and how she falls in love within all your other Fic's is down right fantastic.)
7/11/2016 c1 jamdea
This was great. The characters were deep and the imagery really good. Also good editing. If there were any grammer errors or typos the peice was too good to notice. Keep up the good work. Although I take it that this is complete, I hope you keep up the writing.
7/4/2016 c1 2Canariam
Oh god, this is on of the cutest and most beautiful fanfics I've read! I love the way you pictured Nick's mom, how she's so supportive of his son even when she knows he's lying to her and how she accepted Judy so fast. This story deserves more views. Oh! And the ending was SO hilarious, of course Nick would figure out what happened! Specially with an easy to read bunny as his partner. xD
7/1/2016 c1 4Major Wolf
This was very well done. I liked everything about it. From the way you set up Nick's parents, to the descriptions of everything, to the plot and storyline in general, to describing everyone's emotions, and for the surprises at the end. Such as Nicks mom being as sneaky as him and how she has her very own "mask". And to how she knows everything. I guess the saying "mothers know best" is not a lie.
So nicely done putting this together.
Keep up the awesome work.
6/26/2016 c1 tin-a-holic
Super cute. Canon or not nicely done.
6/26/2016 c1 ChaoticImp
This was such a sweet story :3

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