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9/12 c3 elemental wolf sage
that was pretty racist and sexist just because some one is a white male your saying they can't be discriminated against I can tell you for a fact it happens all the time you just don't see it because of your own biases
8/9 c17 sgriffin730
i hope you update soon. i love this i read all of it.
7/4 c17 Kiseki Hikari
I cant wait for more of this story! I binge read it str8 thru lol 3 3
6/23 c1 1TinkerBell2019
This is an amazing story! I absolutely fell in love with the characters! Naruto is so adorable when he daydreams about Sasuke, I just wish his feelings were returned. I think we can all agree Sasuke is in denial, and that'll only end up hurting Naruto in the long run. His childhood was obviously traumatizing, so I can't blame him for being guarded around other people. I hope you find time to update soon, I'm in love with the story, and It would be amazing if you could finish it. I understand life can be busy though, so don't worry about it.
6/4 c14 73AlyssaOtaku69
I loved this chapter and how every time Naruto was going to walk away Sasuke didn't want to let him go. It is obvious that he likes Naruto he just won't admit it. I find it annoying so very annoying.
I like that Midori hung out with Naruto and then told Naruto not to tell Sasuke because she didn't want to be on bad terms with him. I am excited to see how Sasuke acts toward Midori now that he knows she hung out with Naruto.
I don't really like how Sasuke acts like Naruto can't hang out with her when they are just friends it's not like he is hooking up with Midori.
As for their project, my only thought is that Naruto is selfless. I am too shit I don't do things to get stuff from people. If I want to help someone knowing them or not I will help them. I'm not looking for anything back from them.
Good chapter I loved it.
5/27 c17 1Azrakatz
O. M. G.
Hehehehehe I can’t wait to see what Sakura has to say about the whole thing. I can’t say I like her and I can see her acting like this because of her crush on Sasuke.
5/27 c11 Azrakatz
Awwwww these two...
I just hope they get their spat smoothed over soon.
4/28 c16 GeminiAngie
Oh Sasuke. Poor stupid, confused, in denial Sasuke. You'll learn to not be so resistant and just go with it. God he's something else, how can someone so smart be so stupid.
4/9 c17 Guest
Please... update...
4/3 c15 Guest
Anyway,the dumb bitch in this chapter really pissed me off:(
I love how protective sasuke was in this chapter
& i wonder why there's a lot of ppl who hate naruto..
Poor him
4/3 c17 KURAMAX
U know wut? Ch 10 was painful to read...
The way they about to ignoring to each other kinda remind me with "two face" fanfic & it hurt so much...but not entirely since this story is still-long-to-go
& about their relationships are also kinda remind me with "the long way home" fanfic cuz they always pretend they're just friends but deep inside them,it was more
Anyway,why u stop writing? If u continue this fanfic,pls don't make this fanfic have a similiar ending like "two face" T-T
2/17 c16 1ririmreader
the strange part in this is that i actually have that pic on my phone and yes the art style is really great
2/14 c9 ririmreader
naruto didn't want sasuke to stay so what does he do? scares him to death in order to change his mind... brilliant plan sasuke.. i approve
1/16 c9 TaylorT
I seriously, SERIOUSLY, cannot stand the Sasuke in this story. He is extremely controlling and Naruto just acts like a submissive dog that just follows along with whatever Sasuke demands of him. If someone I knew acted that way toward me, they would be kicked to the curb VERY FAST. Sasuke is just so unlikable and I can't for the life of me see how the Naruto in this story puts up with it like it's nothing. Even when Naruto does try to take charge on something Sasuke will switch it around to where it is still on HIS terms. I can't even enjoy this story anymore because how controlling he is and how submissive Naruto is toward him. My reading of this story ends on this chapter.
1/10 c17 meltychro
I kinda feel the drama coming ? uh
Like Sasuke is kind now but he will withdraw with his "i'm not in love, it's only sexual" mindset..
Anyway thanks for the chapter )
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