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3/5/2021 c10 1Diantaranya
this story is great
I hope u continue
I miss Rin :3
2/1/2021 c3 Koopie
You are amazing
2/23/2019 c10 Guest
Damn xD
3/25/2018 c10 Guest
ph gooooooooo
11/27/2017 c10 AngelusDaemon
Please update soon. I love this story
8/7/2017 c10 Moleluv
Hahahahahahahaha plz write more!
2/3/2017 c10 MidnightRide129
I laughed and cried at the end cuz I'm gay. Also I love this please update soon!
1/28/2017 c10 5DearlyFictitious
*shaking* ...BWAHAHAHAHA! XD
1/10/2017 c10 5animegeek220
AAAAHHHHH THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVE it! I can't wait for the next update!
1/9/2017 c10 ItsHoodButItsGood
Oh... Bro that was a great joke.
1/6/2017 c10 ArtyRave27
Wow me encanto el capítulo lol muy gracioso por la broma de "salir del armario" xD
Awww es muy lindo lo que Rin piensa de Shiemi, me lo imagine cómo un tigre queriendo cuidar a un pequeño gatito x3.
Sería muy impresionante que cuando sus amigos descubran que tiene amnesia descubran su verdadero carácter y las cosas que sucedían antes de ir a la academia
Espero el siguiente capítulo, sigue así
(Sorry I not speak English)
1/6/2017 c10 Guest
No shipping plz
1/4/2017 c10 8TheFutureWriterIsHere
Amazing chapter as always! And I think we can all understand that you had a lot of stress and couldn't write. No one can blame you. Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter! :D
1/3/2017 c10 KawaiiiPotato
Oh, God, it's okay Bon, we all know your hots for Rin Waaahh I was so glad you updated! I completdly understand your reason, man College life is just bleeegh right now. Finally he's started to remember something! Gyaaahh I was hoping for some action lol and gott Love Suguro's mom AND YES I AM VERY EXCITED FOR SEASON 2! I know they left out a lot of things from the manga, Ibjust hope it turns out okay! It's been so long! I need a dose of Rin Okumura! so really, thanksnfor the update!
1/3/2017 c10 11inlovewithshizaya
Pft! Bwahahahahaha God! I can’t forget the face I imagined Bon having when his mom caught them and misinterpreting it. Hahaha It’s so great your mom supports you, Bon. Be happy Pft! and embrace it Wahahahahahaha X’D
Tell me, is his mom a fujoshi or is she just happy assuming her son caught him self such a cutie like Rin OR is she just grinning because she assumes that when Bon and Rin are a couple she gets Rin as a cook for her ryokan? Pft! Hahaha I really can’t stop laughing. I’m so sorry. Rin is in distress and I just can’t stop laughing.
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